Is 2000 Watt Generator Enough For RV? (Read This First)

Do you want to know if a 2000-watt generator is enough for an RV? Then, let’s find out.

Every RVs needs a certain amount of watts to function. The watts an RV needs to run on is different from what it needs to start.

You need to find out the maximum capacity of watt your RV needs to function. 

The knowledge of the maximum capacity of watts an RV built to run with and the inbuilt electrical appliance start will guide you.

The additions of both running watts and starting watts are what determines the maximum watts an RV needs to work with.

Is a 2000 watt generator enough for RV? A 2000 watts generator is enough to power a mini RV without much appliances, while 3,000 to 6,5000 watt generator is required to keep an RV running and starting appliances like AC, Microwave, Heater, and Refrigerator. 

The electrical components of an RV is what determines the amount of watts needs to keep it running and start the appliances. In this article you discover how to know the exact generator watts that’s enough for an RV.

What Size Of Generator Watts Can Run An RV?

Generators are built with different watts and capacity of appliances they can successfully carry. The 2,000 watts generator doesn’t have the same capacity as the 3,000 watts generator. 

That’s why you know the total watts an RV needs to keep running. Hence you will supply lower watts that might not be able to power the appliances built into it.

There are various sizes of Generators out there in the market but choosing the one that has the required watts to power RV is sometimes daunting.

Based on my research here are the top Generators you need to power an RV.  Even though there are many good generators out there in the market, these ones are quite durable generators you can use to power an RV.

The essence of these few generators selected here are to guide when you know what exactly you should look out for, then search becomes easy and simple for you to find when getting a generator for an RV.

  • Generac GP2500i Inverter
  • RECOOL Portable Power Station
  • Honda EU3000i
  • Pulsar Products G450RN
  • Honda EU2200i
  • Yamaha EF2000iSv2
  • Generac GP3000i
  • WEN 56203i
  • Predator 3500

These generators are selected because they’re all-around good quality units. They’re quite generators you can use to power your RV without experiencing any fault of any kind.

Also, these sets of generators are chosen to guide when you want to get the exact watts to power an RV.

Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is 2,000 watts generator designed to be extra power to keep your RV running.

Highly portable generator you can easily take to camping. It has a surge wattage of 2000 watts with 1600 running watts.

This is a gas power generator and it can hold about 1.1 gallons of fuel, which last for 11 hours at 20% load.

With this generator, you can get your RV running at 1,600 watts, while 400 watts is used to start the appliances built into it.

Lightweight generator that you can take for outside without much weight, which weighs 56 lbs.

Generac GP3000i

Generac GP3000i is 3,000 watts designed to power RV including appliances. This is more powerful than Yamaha.

It was built with starting watts of 3,000 and 2,300 running watts. With this watts it can power almost every RV. 

The starting watts power is what many generators use for their overall watts. It’s not just designed to have high watts but also built to light in weight.

Generac GP3000i is lightweight which weighs 59.5 lbs. The generator is designed to use both fuel and gas.

Dual power fueling system. It is powered by gas and fuel. The fuel tank holds about 1.06 gallons that last unto 5.8 hours when it runs at 25% load. 

Pulsar Products G450RN

Pulsar G450RN has the capacity to power 4000 watts RV. It’s capable of running an RV that uses 700 running watts. 

With 3.2 gallons of fuel, the generator runs for 15 hours without stopping. The generator uses wireless remote starters that work from 80 ft distance away.

It is among the most quiet generators (63 db) when in operation. From 10 feet away you hardly hear the generator noise.

Compact design with extendable Handle and Never-Flat wheels for easy handling and storage capability.

RECOOL Portable Power Station

Recool portable power station has a large capacity of battery of 296Wh, 80000mAh lithium battery pack.

The generator weighs only 6.2pounds. You can easily travel with a generator because of weight.

Recool portable power stations come with additional features like short circuit protection, overcurrent, overvoltage protection, overload protection, overheating protection, and other functions that extend battery life.

It has multiple outputs which Includes 2 USB outputs, 1 QC3.0 output, 1 Type-C output, 1 AC port and 2 DC ports. It can easily charge all small electronic devices, personal medical devices and automotive electrical appliances.

Recool portable power station batteries can easily charge via AC wall sockets. It accepts car chargers which you can use to charge your devices on-road/off-road charging. You can also use it to charge solar panels as well.

How to Calculate Watts That Power RV Appliances 

It’s quite easy to know watts that can start your appliance and keep it running. Take individual checks on various appliances in your RV.

Know the watts that can power AC, Heater, Microwave, and sound system. The total watts 

But before you choose any Generator watts, you need to know the amount of watts each of the following appliances need to keep running and to start as well.

Appliances are what consumes most of the watts generator produces, therefore you need to know the total amount of watts that’ll power the complete RV  and keep it running.

Don’t just get any watts generator for your RV, rather figure out how much watts it requires to power your RV based on the appliances it has.

Let’s look at some of the major energy consumption appliances you can easily find in an RV. 

Air Conditioning

An RV roof-mounted air conditioner is one of the most watts consumption appliances built into it.

Irrespective of the AC model it needs high wattages to power it and keep it running. The watts Air Condition uses is almost the highest wattage of RV appliances.

Air Conditioning in RV needs an inverter generator of 3,000 – 4,500 wattage to work effectively.

So, if your RV Air Conditioning needs 15,000 British Thermal Unit, then you need at least 3,600 watts inverter-generator to start it up and another 3,000 watts to keep it running.

This Is separately from other appliances on the RV, Therefore you need a higher watts of generator to power such RV.

However, every Air Conditioning in an RV starts different from other appliances, which means it uses separate wattage different from what other appliances consume.

The number of Air Conditioning your RV has is what determines the total number of watts you need to power it.

Using a generator of lower wattage to power an RV with higher wattages of appliances will damage the generator in time. Therefore it’s advisable to use higher wattage of generator to power your RV.

Cooking Appliances

There are various cooking appliances installed into an RV with different wattages that draw energy power from the generator.

The most common cooking appliances you can easily find into RV are:

  • Microwave
  • Convection oven combos
  • Electric stove 
  • Blenders
  • Electric boiler

Most microwaves you find in an RV takes up 1,000 watts, while Oven uses 1,500 watts. Combination of these cooking appliances amount to 2,500 wattage.

Some of the instant pots consume 1,200 watts. These pots are different in quart. For 8 quart pots you need 1,200 wattage, 6 quart you need 1000 wattages, and for 3 quart you need 700 wattage.

Depending on the quart of pots in your RV determines the wattage you need to power your RV.

Some coffee makers of 3 quart need 600 wattage to function properly. This is the smaller size of the watts. 

Cooking appliances like Mixers, blenders, and food processors use about 300 to 400 watts of power. 

These are the most common cooking appliances you can find in the RV. Therefore when you know the amount of these cooking appliances need to function will guide you to buy enough wattage generators.

RV Electronics

The sound system in RV needs 50 to 80 watts, laptops are 100 – 150 watts, 32 inches LED televisions need 28 watts, and smartphones require 20 – 30 watts.

RV electronics vary, therefore you need to know the type of electronics you have in your RV.

The ideal of watts these electronic consumers will guide you to know the types wattage generator you need to power your RV.


What determines the amount of watts a generator needs to power your RV depends on the types of appliances.

The major energy consumption component of an RV is the appliances. So, you need to know the total amount of watts your appliances need to function.

Watts generator of 2,000 will be enough for you to power your RV if the total watts needed to power all the appliances is not more than 1,500 watts.