Are White Light Bulbs Better? (How to Choose the Best Bulbs)

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There are so many light bulbs you can find at the store or online.

These light bulbs come with different colors, shape and convey different emotions.

Whether you’re looking for the light bulbs for your new home or you want to give your room a facelift, you’ll certainly find the right light bulb that will best suit you.

White light bulbs are better than any other types of light bulb because they don’t have any negative effect on the body.

The white light bulbs are health friendly lighting you can use and stay under it for hours without affecting your eyes, unlike the yellow light bulbs.

White light bulbs are specially because of the brightness, purity, and coolness they bring to any space.

Most people use white light bulbs because of the features and their durability. These mainly make white light bulbs to gain popularity in the society.

You might be wondering if white light bulbs are better than other colors. 

You don’t have to worry because in this article, we will dive into the world of lighting and how each light bulb color differs from the other.

Why Do People Chosen White Light Bulbs?

There are different reasons people go for light bulbs; to beautify their homes and increase the emotion. 

But the most outstanding features among many reasons why people choose white light bulbs over other color bulbs are:

  • Brightness 
  • Last longer
  • Easily accessible
  • Coolness
  • Purity 

White light bulbs are brighter than any other color bulb in the market. They’re mainly referred to as the natural daylight.

The white light bulbs make the night look like day time. It’s nice to use because of their specific ways of illuminating the environment.

The brightness it offers, doesn’t affect the durability. White light bulbs last longer than most other color bulbs in the bulb. 

Almost all the local stores that sell bulbs have white light bulbs. You can easily see it online with little search without wasting time.

The white light bulbs go with almost any color at any space of your house. White bulbs don’t select paints, either on the walls or on the ceiling.

It’s one of the most common light bulbs you can use to add value to your house. Whether, you’re building or renovating white light bulbs are among the highest affordable light bulbs you can use.

Another feature of white light bulbs is the coolness it brings. It helps to reduce the hotness in a particular space it’s being installed.

White bulbs are known for non-heat generating bulbs. It helps to make the environment cool and more comfortable.

During summer you may want to try out the white light bulbs to see the effect. It helps to control or regulate the heat temperature of a particular place.

People use white light bulbs because of the purity it signifies. Specific space that’s built for purity, white bulb use to edify the environment.

Are White Light Bulbs Healthy?

White light bulbs are among the most healthy bulbs you can use in your house, office and any other public place.

According to the research by Sciencedaily, White” light bulbs that emit light at shorter wavelengths are greater suppressors of the body’s production of melatonin than bulbs emitting orange-yellow light, a new international study has revealed.

Let’s answer the question of if white light bulbs are healthy? Yes! white light bulbs are healthy because they don’t affect the brain and the eyes.  

The white light bulbs affect our psyche positively — It helps to reduce eye-straining, headache and some other negative factors that are associated using other sets of lighting bulbs.

The white light bulbs help to increase human productivity and increase the well-being of users. 

It makes people feel alert, reduces stress from the straining of eyes and keeps you happier.

The white light bulbs are built to help the system function well compared to yellow light bulbs. 

White light bulbs offer brighter and clarity — it’s gentle on the eyes. It increases high performance of the brains’ chemistry.

Generally, white light bulbs are safer than the other light bulbs like the yellow.

The efficiency of the white light bulbs in the body system is very high compared to other types of light bulbs.

Because the healthy state of white bulbs makes one of the best lighting for both indoor and outdoor.

If one of the reasons you need white light bulbs is because of the user’s health protection, then go ahead to buy it — it’s mainly good for kids’ visibility. 

The ultraviolet ray the white light bulbs emit is small compared to the yellow light bulb. 

The higher the degree of the ultra violent, the more it affects the function of the brain and the eyes. And white light bulbs have the lowest ultraviolet light that emits from it.

You can stay under the light white bulbs over 40 hours without you experiencing any negative effect on your eye. But other sets of light bulbs aren’t the same at all.

White Light Bulb Vs Yellow Light Bulb – Which Is Better?

Is white light bulbs actually better than the yellow light bull?

Invariably, white light bulbs are better than the yellow light bulb, because of the features. The yellow light bulbs are known for heat-generating bulbs light, while the white light bulbs are known for the coolness.

The yellow light bulb affects the brain’s chemistry, while the white light bulb does not affect the brain chemistry.

The eyes of both adults and kids are safer under white light bulbs than the yellow light bulbs.

The ultraviolent that is coming out from the yellow light bulbs is higher than the one coming out from the white light bulbs.

The temperature degree of yellow light bulbs ranges from 3,000 to 6,500 kelvis. This measure shows how intensive is the heat condition that comes from yellow light bulbs.

If you’re looking for light bulbs that could give you heat, then consider the yellow light bulbs. These sets of bulbs are built to warm the space it’s installed. 

The white light bulbs are often referred to as the natural light supplied. Because it does shine like the daylight. The white light bulbs are brighter than the yellow light bulbs. 

The yellow light bulbs are not good to stay under for a long time compared to the hwite light bulb.

The yellow light bulb causes the behavioural disruption and health conditions of the body — these health issues are not find in the white light bulbs

Does White Light Improve The Beauty of A Room?

White light bulb does improve the beauty conditions of either indoor or outdoor space. 

The extent it illuminates the atmosphere and brightens up the area makes it appealing to the eyes.

When light shines on any object the true state of that object is revealed. Likewise, the white light bulb shines on an object to beautify it — then reveal the true state of the object.

The ambience that white light bulbs bring is more brighter than any other lighting bulb in the market.

It has the highest quality accent of brightness when it comes to illuminating a space. It brings purity and coolness to such areas.

The brightness of white light bulb makes it look beautiful and stand out among other lights in the market.

It increases the ambience of the space it’s been installed in. The beauty that comes from the outshining of the white light bulbs is brighter than any other color of light bulbs.

Under the categories of lightning, the white light bulb has the both features of ambience and accent.

The Pros of White Light Bulbs

The white light bulbs have excellent brightness efficiency of 800 to 1000 lumens for 8 to 10 watts bulbs.

The white light bulbs durage ranges form 15,000 to 50,000 hours. Frankly speaking, there are some brands of white light bulb that have more duration hours than what is stated here.

It’s one of the best energy consumption light bulbs you can find in the market. It has minimum consumption of $0.19 per month for average usage of a 8- to 12.5-watt bulb


Haven discover the important facts about white light bulbs, and how it compares to yellow light which is very popular, you now have a huge opportunity to choose how you beautify your home with light.

Smart people don’t just stick to one model of lights. They use varieties of color to add beauty to their space.

 You can also do the same by beautifying your home or office with varieties of lights that’ll add value to it.