The Best Ambient Light For A Gaming Room

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The importance of lighting to the performance of gamers cannot be overemphasized.

Although, it is not the most important factor, it does play a significant role in the overall gaming experience. 

Light influences the mood of gamers during playtime. Dim colors induce sleep, while bright colors like red, green, and blue help enhance the performance of gamers. It also makes them play for longer periods of time. 

Adding ambient lights to your gaming room will also  improve the aesthetic appeal of your space. It is important to note that the aesthetic appreciation of gamers towards colors varies. Certain gamers prefer white lights while others prefer colored bulbs. 

This article will present the best Ambient lighting that will appeal to all gamers irrespective of their aesthetic preferences. 

Ambient Lights

Ambient lights refer to the principal source of lighting within a room. It draws a lot of attention to itself.

In a gaming room, ambient lights are meant to draw attention to the gamer’s battle station. Any light source that does not achieve this goal is not suitable for gamers. 

This is why the customary set up of lighting in a gaming room involves lights that revolve around the battle station.

Today, you will easily find gamers with ambient lights fitted to their game stations.

This set up accomplishes the goal of Ambient lights. It also enhances the play time, and performance of gamers during play. 

However, there is more to Ambient lights than just fitting lights behind or around a battle station. The best ambient light must accomplish two things:

Best Ambient Lights

In this article, we will consider two of the best Ambient lights for gamers. We will discuss their features, price, and installation processes. These light-types include the following:

  • AmbiVision
  • Phillip Hue Light Strips 


Ambivision has released multiple lighting models over the years. By Ambivision, this article is referring to the Ambivision Pro. It is the perfect lighting for gamers , it will deliver a new dimension to the gaming experience. 

This technology operates by projecting the light and color changes from your battle station to the wall behind it. The technology is quite advanced but it is still relatively affordable. It can be purchased by individuals from all walks of life. 

The complete set up for the Ambivision pro technology goes for sixty-five dollars only. 

Ambivision Pro gives gamers a SD gaming experience. It enlarges the entire screen of gamers and projects the image unto the walls of the gaming room. It accomplishes this by projecting glowing light from all four corners of the battle station unto the surrounding wall. 

Benefits Of Ambivision Pro

A survey conducted by the Washington post revealed that the average American gamer spends a minimum of three hours a day on games. This equals a total of twenty-one hours a week and 1092 hours a year. 

Although this number is near-insignificant when compared to the number of hours we have each year – 8760 hours – spending this amount of time gaming could lead to serious eye problems. 

When gaming, the changes in color and scenery happens really fast. These changes put the muscles of the human eye under constant tension. When the game moves from dim to bright colors, the pupils reduce its diameter immensely within a maximum of 5 seconds. This reaction helps protect the eye. 

When gaming, the colors on your console will alternate between bright and dim colors over a thousand times within the stipulated 3 hours gaming time. When this activity is repeated on a daily basis for a period of one year, vision impairment could occur. 

This brings us to the first benefit of Ambivision technology – it preserves the eyes of gamers. With the use of Ambivision technology, the effects of the alternating lights of game consoles are greatly reduced. 

“With Ambivision, the muscles of your eyes are less strained, so your eyes don’t get tired when you spend long periods of time in front of the screen.”

Furthermore, ambivision also offers the following benefits:

  • The lighting system comes with a wall adaptive feature: What this feature does is that it perfectly aligns the color of the emanated light with the color portrayed within the game.
  • All features of this system can be manually controlled. To manually control its features, you simply have to pair your remote control with the ambivision technology. 
  • Ambivision Pro projects extremely precise colours: This technology does not downscale video image quality. Rather, it assigns individual LED to separate parts of the gaming screen. This results in a more dynamic and natural gaming experience. 
  • Lastly, it has an app which enhances user experience. 

How To Set Up The Ambivision Pro

Another reason why the Ambivision Pro is perfect for gamers is that you do not need to employ the services of an expert in order to set up the technology. 

You can complete the entire installation process yourself. The Ambivision Pro comes with an installation manual, but you have to follow the instructions to the lettee in order to see results. 

The entire process is easy, and should take between 8 – 10 minutes to complete. The Ambivision Pro comes with a self-adhesive RGB LED strip. This strip is only 10 mm wide, and it can be fitted to the 4 sides of your gaming console. 

The strip is flexible so you can bend it at the edges of your screen as you go around your computer. While fitting the LED lights to your console, it is important that you follow the instructions detailed in your manual. 

If the console is facing you, you should start fixing the strips from the bottom left, and if it is backing you, you should start from your right side. 

Upon completion, you should plug in the light module to your wall outlet, and wait for at least 10 seconds. Then connect the LED lights to the LED light module and wait until lights begin moving around the entire LED strip

Plug in your camera, and wait for the light to change from yellow to red. Next, connect to the ambivision pro network via wifi using 12345678 as the password. 

Finally connect to the 2.4GHZ network and connect to the app. If you encounter any more problems, you can watch a YouTube video for further clarification. 

Philip Hue Light Strips

These light strips are the most preferred ambient lights for gamers with deep pockets. Unlike the ambivision pro, the Phillip Hue lighting strips can be fitted to every section of your gaming room. The technology has a feature for every section from your system screen, to you foot massager. 

This system is probably the highest quality of ambient lighting available today, but it comes at a high price. Furthermore, for the lights to function, you will need to purchase a couple more parts which will incur most cost. 

There are numerous models of Philip Hue lighting strips. However, the best strips for gamers is the Philip hue play gradient light strip. One of the reasons why this lighting strip is suitable for gamers is the fact that they can display multiple colors across different segments of the strip. 

The Philip Hue play gradient light strip is sold for about 250 dollars. 

When these lights are mounted on your battle stations, they will deliver a more immersive effect. As stated earlier, in order to make these strips function properly, you will have to have to purchase extra features. 

Benefits Of The Philip Hue Play Gradient Light Strip

This technology comes with many benefits but there is one that stands out from all the rest. When operational, the gradient light strip is in complete sync with the rest of your gaming console. 

As a result, the lights that emanate from the strips mirror the exact color and scene changes portrayed on your game screen. 

Setting Up The Philip Hue Play Gradient Light Strip

The installation process for this ambient lighting system is quite easy. To begin, you have to download the Phillip Hue sync tool for your computer. Once downloaded, you just have to connect it to your Hue bridge, set up, and entertainment area to include the right lights and you’ll be done. 

The settings here allow you to do everything from getting the lights to respond to games changes, as well as adjusting how the lights respond to each. If you have a multi-screen setup you can choose your preferred screen for the app to respond to and even set up keyboard shortcuts for quickly switching between modes.


What colored lights work the best for gaming rooms?

When it comes to gaming rooms, different colored lights denote different moods and suit different ambiances. For example, red represents passion, happiness, and aggression. It’s a great color for critical missions or levels. Then there’s blue, that’s a tranquil and peaceful color that calms you down; great for levels where you need to stay calm for longer periods. Green is a perfect choice for RPG titles since it’s refreshing and produces great harmony. Lastly, white, the base color for most gamers, improves contrast in a dark room.

Why is adding lights to your gaming room a great idea?

Gaming on a bright monitor in a dark gaming room can be quite strenuous on the eyes. You tend to end up with dry or bloodshot eyes as the brightly lit screen puts a disproportionate amount of pressure on your eyes as compared to the rest of the dark setting. This effect can be offset by adding lights to your room. However, adding direct lights is not recommended as they can induce glares and compromise the home-theatre-like experience. We, therefore, recommend adding specific lighting fixtures behind your screen to amp up the overall gaming experience without compromising your vision quality.

Can I add lighting to my gaming rigs?

Whether you are using a console or a gaming PC, adding lighting to the hardware can effortlessly amp up its presence and the cool factor. Many gaming towers come with pre-installed LED lights in their cases that make them look more distinguished than standard gaming machines. However, if your gaming PC does not have LED lights, go for modular LED light strips that will give you the same effect without going overboard on expenses. All you need to do is purchase LED strips with either peel of adhesive strips or magnets that can easily cling to your PC case or console.

How do I control LED lights installed on my gaming PC?

If you are retrofitting your existing gaming rig with cool LED strips, things might get even better if you can control how the lights behave. For this, you can use a lighting controller that lets you effortlessly manage the synchronization of various colors and power levels of the LED lights. Lighting controllers like the KontrolFreek gaming light setup work similarly to a PC fan controller by letting you adjust its various properties.

What are the tips for selecting the best gaming room lights?

The first tip is to minimize wires. Use lighting fixtures like skylights, USB projectors, and laser light bulbs to achieve the same effect without wires. Secondly, select the right colors. Color selection will have a vast impact on how you game. Thirdly, your lighting fixtures will differ based on whether you want to light up the area behind the screen or the entire room. So, choose their location accurately. And the last tip would be to know your needs — various factors like room size, wall colors, etc., determine the number and type of lights you need.


The best ambient lights for a gamer will depend on the corresponding aesthetic appeal of said gamer.

However, you can’t go wrong with the two ambient lighting systems discussed in this article. 

They are excellent for gamers, easy to set up, and can also be used for other purposes like watching movies. They are guaranteed to improve your gaming area.