10 Best Grow Lights For Small Greenhouse [Guide 2021]

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Lighting is very important when using a small greenhouse.

How plants thrive and flourish in a greenhouse depends on the quality of light you supply.

Lights are what aid photosynthesis active radiation in the greenhouse, especially the small greenhouse.

Different plants respond to different colors of lights. Light spectrums like blue light, red light, and white light have a great impact on plants.

Choosing the best grow lights for small greenhouse is somehow daunting because of the different impacts they have on plants.

Here are the top 10 best grow lights for small greenhouse:

1. SPIDER FARMER SF-1000 LED Grow Light

Spinder farmer SF-1000 LED grow lights are running on low cost and it yields quality output. An effective grow lights for a small greenhouse, which is highly affordable that’ll not break the bank.

The product is manufactured with high yielding technology material like samesung LM301B diode, which produces suitable brightness for plants.

It utilises low energy of 2.9 umol/j that delivers high powerful output and makes plants to uniform canopy penetration, which result in maximum higher yields. 

With 100w of voltage you keep the light running and consume 50% less power than the HPS or other SMD LEDs or Blurple lamps.

It is built to cover a distance veg footprint 3 x 3 ft and flowering footprint of 2 x 2 ft. The growing light is customised with dimming and light switch features that help you to regulate the quality of light your plant receives.

You can either use it as a single light or multi light connection. The multi-light unified the dimming, which makes it beneficial to plants in a large area.

You can adjust the light intensity at your liberty, which you think will suit the plants. Spider farmer lights are excellently built with full spectrum of white, red, and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm and IR 760nm) that you can use to improve the nature of the plants.

The 3,000 kelvin provide plants more reddish lights and the 5,000 kelvin offers more blueish lights. 

Each of the colors of lights are designed for plants growing stages. The 660nm red and IR light is useful during bloom, which helps to speed up the flowering time and boost yields.

The light uniformly across the surface and deep into the roots and bottom of the canopy for consistent, highest quality flowers.

Spider farm lights don’t make noise. It’s highly efficient and reliable meaning a well driver. It’s built with an aluminum heat sink which is thick and sturdy with a protective cover for cable. 

The growing light comes with a user-friendly manual. The light is well packaged with high-quality components that last longer. 

The spider SF company provides 3 years of after-service of local maintenance to customers to ensure maximum productivity.

2. MARS HYDRO TS 1000W Led Grow Light

Mars hydro TS is an upgraded highly effective daisy chain dimmable full spectrum grow lamps for small greenhouse. 

It is built with hydroponic growing light with 342 LEDs and a thermometer hygrometer timer.

The grow light comes with the newest surface mount device (SMD) LED technology that helps in even distribution of highest PAR/LUMEN out (743umol@18″).

Because of the effectiveness of Mars Hydro TS it has replaced single-ended 250watts HPS. The lights make plants yield 30% increase compared to old blurple LED lights, Max 2.0g yield per wattage.

Mars Hydro TS is highly low energy consumption growth lighting, which consumes between a range of 100W to 150W with 342 LEDs. It helps you to save 50% energy compared to other traditional grow lights.

The light works well at a distance of 2.5 x 2.5 ft and has the capacity to cover 3 x 3 ft. The plant absorbed 90% light energy with high intensity and more coverage in a MARS HYDRO. You can easily use TS1000 as a reflective area or by crossing over using multiple TS.

MARS HYDRO TS1000 is a sunlike full spectrum LED that you can use to grow almost all plants. It has 660 to 665nm red and IR 3200 to 6800 that brings about rapid response by plants.

It’s noiseless and highly effective in desipitation of heat because of the aluminum material used in the production. 

MARS HYDRO increases the light intensity up to 20%, allowing your plants to receive more energy and without burning your plants for maximum headroom.

MARS HYDRO lights function with 120VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC, which make it suitable for a large grow room and also for commercial setups.

3. Phlizon 2020 Pro Series 2000W LED Grow Light

Phlizon 2020 Pro Series 2000W LED Grow Light is used for seeding veg and also for making plants flourish.

It comes with a full spectrum that has the capacity to cover an area of 4 x 4 ft standard surface mount device.

The light is customised with larger irradiation area and 720pcs of LED beads. High durable frame made with aluminum alloy that makes it lighter and easy to use.

Phlizon 202 pro series 2000W LED light has higher light intensity. It produces less light decay, better lumens with photosynthesis radiation active value than other traditional lamp beads.

It runs at a lower temperature and can bring higher energy conversion and longer life. Phlizon 2020 pro series 2000W LED lights are waterproof grow light is a full-cycle lighting solution for all growing environments.

It has a dimmable feature that allows you to adjust the light spectrum and brightness according to the needs of plants. It doesn’t make noise and it uses advanced waterproof technology that is well sealed that prevents grow light from getting water.

4. DAKASON 1000W LED Grow Light

DAKASON 1000W LED Grow Light is built to cover 2×2. Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamp for Indoor Plants Seeding Veg and Bloom with Samsung LEDs and Movable Driver, UV IR Included

The light yields productive output because it was built with 288pcs of high performance Samsung LM281 LED. 

Dakason 1000W LED grow light is a reliable driver light you can trust and delivers high energy efficiency.

It was built to function at 2.23umol/J with actual power consumption of only 100W. Also help you to save 50% energy consumption and produce 200% yield.

High sunlike light of full spectrum with white, blue, red, UV, and IR. The full spectrum provides plants with whatever it requires from the sunlight starting from seedling to harvest. 

A Dakason 1000W LED grow light has significant short life growth circles, improves color, shape, and makes it thrive.

You can successfully use the light on 2 x 2 ft flowering stage and 3 x 3 ft vegetable stage.

The structure is built with an aluminum hood that reduces light lost to passage and walls. It has features that increase light intensity up to 20%, which allow your plant to get more energy with the same cost.

Dakason has 2 ways of hanging, you can either hang the driver on the hanger or put the driver outside the growing tent. 

The 2 hanging methods help you to reduce the heat production in the grow tent. It’s a noiseless grow light for a small house.

Buy Dakason grow light and stand a chance to enjoy a 3 years warranty with affordable maintenance cost.


PARFACTWORKS HB1000 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp Used with SamsungLM301H Diodes for Greenhouse Indoor Growers

Parfactworks HB1000 grow light is designed to make your growing life easy and quiet. Full spectrum light LED grow light, which is effective for horticulture.

The IR and UV light enhance the plant to produce higher output that delivers better photosynthesis active radiation that results in maximum yields.

Parfactworks HB 1000W LED grow light when Compared to traditional 1000wHPS/MH will only consume 100W.

It’s Perfect for 3’x3’ ft vegetative coverage at 18 ft”and 2’x2’ flowering coverage at 6”-12”. It is designed with a dimmable feature that you can use to adjust the brightness of the light.

6. Carambola 1000W LED Grow Light

Carambola 1000W LED Grow Light is built to spread light over 2×2 ft like the sunlike.

It has full spectrum 3000K 5000K and IR 660nm 760nm RED, suit for all plants whole stages indoor growing, rapid plant response from seed to flower stage.

The full spectrum is like the sunlight.

Carambola 1000W LED grow lights consume only 120 watts true output with 270 pcs LEDs, more scientifically and energy-efficient.

It is designed with new light technology that provides high photosynthetic active radiation and high lumen output.

With a maximum of 2.5g yield per wattage, achieve maximum quality which is far better than traditional 600w HPS grow systems.

Carambola 1000w LED grow light is a high reflective heat sink LED grow system. It quickly heats dispersing material aluminum reducing light lost to the aisles and walls. 

It increases the light intensity up to maximum 20%, allowing your plants to receive more energy and without burning your plants for maximum headroom.

7. Honesorn 600W LED Grow Light

Honesorn 600W LED grow light has a complete spectrum of light that aids the growth of plants from seeding to harvest.

The full spectrum is white light, red, blue, IR, and UV from the natural sunlight.

The 600 wattage light has a double switch designed with mode veg and bloom which you can use at once.

The veg mode is applicable during the growth period, which emits blue light to promote the growth of plants while the bloom mode emits red light that promotes flowering and fruiting plants.

It has an advanced cooling system of two fans with high speed, which can dissipate heat from the LED grow light inside to outside efficiently with low noise.

It not only helps to protect your plants from overheating, but also keeps the lamp working longer and saves more energy.

8. Koopower LED Grow Lights

Koopower LED grow light is a compact designed with high quality super brightness with full spectrum of  450nm-730nm, including 98 powerful LEDs.

The full spectrum comprises 61 red, 16 blue, 2UV, 5IR, and 14 white light.

The grow light offers plants the most desired spectrum which is suitable for all growth stages from seeding, germination, and harvest.

KooPower 2020 New Version hanging LED grow lights can be connected together to a wider area of illumination with one power point. The light can only take 6 panels.

It has three different sets of modes, which are veg, boom, and full mode. The veg switch is used when the plants are in the germination stage or beginning of the leaf stage.

The boom switch is used during flowering and fruiting stages, while the full switch mode is to control better quality production. Each switch mode has 6 brightness levels. 

The grow light  comes with 16 time setting options which allows 1 to 20 hours according to plants’ needs. It also has automatic turn on and off when it is properly set according to the hours.

9. KUAREZ 1000 LED Grow Light

Kuarez 1000 LED grow light is well compacted without any exposure of wire and highly water-resistance cable connection.

Kuarez takes care of a humid planting environment or overspray that might damage the LED light. Noiseless light that keeps the lamp silent better than other traditional lights.

It is built with 5mm Aluminum for heat dissipation, bringing you a better planting experience.

The 1000 growing lamps use Samsung LM301D SMD chips, which offer more uniformed coverage and higher efficiency PPFD, to create the better canopy light penetration.

Kuare 1000 LED grow light only consumes 100W true output with 250pcs LED chips that delivers equal or better results than 200 watts HID with 50% less power and heat.

It was built to cover 2.5′ x 2.5′ veg stage at 18”, 2′ x 2′ flowering stage at 14”. Cost-effective grow plant light in limited budget.

The led light panels consist of 3000K, 5000K and 660nm red chips, providing everything plants desired in the natural sunlight, easy to see the true colour of your plants. 

Suitable for seedling, veg, bloom, all plants whole stages indoor growing, horticulture, produce beautiful high yielding plants.

The growing light fixtures use glue cover technology, special protective covers for cables and light board, which serve as water-resistant.

Kuarez is certified by SOSEN UL to be highly waterproof, 5mm thick large area solid of Aluminum heat sink to ensure safe use. The product comes with a 30 days hassle-free refund policy, and 36 months limited warranty.

10. ZHUPIG LED Plant Grow Lights

Growing light for small greenhouse that combines both red and blue for maximum efficiency and high productivity.

Zhupic LED grow light increases the rate of plant growth of almost all plants and also makes the plants rooting and sprouting. 

It has a full spectrum of red, white light, blue and IR. The red chips are for effective germination flowering, which enhances photosynthesis for better results.

Blue LED chips give plants more energy through synthesis of chlorophyll that help in germination. The blue and red spectrum increase the rate of plant growth.

This LED grow light has 9 dimmable settings ranging from 20% to 100% and 3 kinds of spectral modes (red, blue & mixed light) to adapt to different stages of plant growth. 

Whether in the indoor garden or greenhouse, you can easily adjust the modes to promote the faster growth for the potted plants, flowering plants and succulent plants. 

The plant light comes with 3 timer setting options which allows up to 3/9/12 hours according to your plant needs, ensuring that your plants receive the proper amount of lighting at different stages. 

When kept plugged in the light use the same timing setting for the previous day to turn on and off.

Zhupig LED plant grow light is built with a strong sturdy anti-slip metal clip that allows it to be clamped to various surfaces.

The longer size gooseneck helps light cover a larger area to promote better lighting distribution.


Here you have 10 best grow lights for a small greenhouse that you can choose to make your plants flourish and be productive.

These grow lights are carefully selected because of the features and the rate at which they shorten plants’ growing circle and make them bloom.