10 Best LED Lights For Motorhome [Guide 2021]

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Are you looking for the best LED lights for a motorhome? Then you’re in the right place. 

There are different types of LED lights out there in the market. Choosing the right one is the most challenging part for some people.

LED lights are known for their energy efficiency. They emit high brightness and work at any weather conditions when installed on motorhomes. 

They are designed to be durable and do not affect motorhome sensors. So, using LED lights in your motorhome prevents you from a high energy bill. 

This article will ease your online search because I have carefully selected 10 best LED lights for motorhomes, which you can choose from to brighten your motorhome.

1. 12 Volt Replacement LED Bulb Dome Light Fixture for Motorhome 

The 12 replacement LED bulb lights are designed to last long with 30,000 hours lifespan. Its 25 times an hour lifespan is longer than the incandescent bulbs.

It is built with a wider range view of 360 degree angle. It has better overall light emission. One set of bulbs has 51 individual LED chip sets that create the wider view.

It has the capacity to emit 3000k white like the daylight. It consumes low energy power, which 4 watts produce 750 lumen that’s equivalent to a 50Watt halogen bulb.

A 12 volt replacement LED bulb has a camp off grid longer than halogen bulb light. It hardly burns out, therefore reducing the running cost for replacement.  

The light bulb doesn’t have dimmable features. It will be good if the subsequent one is designed with a dimmable feature.

The light bulb doesn’t affect or interrupt Radio or Tv interference. It’s built to work with IC circuits, which withstand power fluctuations that ensure longer lifespan.

The company offers a one year warranty upon purchase of a 12 volt replacement LED bulb. It has reduced operating temperatures when it’s installed inside the motorhome.

2. Cargo LED 20 Pcs Extremely Super Bright

The cargo LED lights come with 20pcs with the same brightness. Each bulb has high bright chips per bulb. 

With 300ma current or direct current  DC12V you can successfully get your motorhome lighting up with this bulb. It has the capacity to produce 600LM flux within 12V irrespective of the light fluctuation.

The light bulb is designed to fit for 1156 1156A 1156NA BA15S 87 93 97 97A 97NA 199 631 1003 1073 1093 1095 1129 1141 1159 1195 1259 1295 1295NA 1459 1619 1651 1680 2396 3496 3497 7506 7527 5007 5008 12088 Led Light Bulbs.

It is built with a replacement feature, which makes it among the best lights for motorhomes and campers.

You can as well use it as brake lights, reverse lights, side marker lights, rear lights, stop lamp lights, and interior decoration camper lights. 

3. Kohree 12V LED Lights For Motorhomes

The Kohree 12V LED light bulbs are designed for RV ceiling dome light for interior lighting. It’s built with a switch and produces natural white 4,000 to 4,5000 kelvin of 640 lumens per light bulb.

Highly durable light you can use for your motorhome. It’s produced with durable materials and reliable materials.

This is among the most durable LED lights for your motorhome. It’s built to last 60,000 hours longer than the standard light bulb. 

The light is produced with heat-resistance and anti-corrosive features, which some of the LED lights don’t have.

Kohree 12V LED lights are easily to install. It has two wires without polarity and comes with nuts and screws to hold it in place directly. It’s highly suitable for smooth surface mounting.

Kohree 12 LED lights have three different surfaces with 3-way switches, which enable you to use one side or the 3 side independently.

It adds great functionality to any area for lighting and it is widely used as a perfect replacement light for Car/RV/Trailer/Camper/Motorhomes/Marine Boats.

Kohree LED lights are designed to be low power consumption and highly energy efficient. It only draws 6 Watts and provides a total 2 X 320 lumens of brightness. It comes with two T10 Wedge panels with altogether 48 pcs 5050SMD LED Bulbs. 

Kohree LED lights are not designed with a dimmer feature, though they have a longer lifespan. There is no customer warranty.

4. YITAMOTOR 921 LED Bulb RV Interior Light Warm White

T10 192 194 906 12V LED Replacement Light Bulb for Car Trailer Backup Reverse Dome Map Light, 42-SMD, 4-Pack

Yitamotor 921 LED bulb is a highly energy power saving bulb. With 12V current it produces 160 lumens for each bulb.

Each of the 4 pieces uses 12V 32mm (1.26″ inch) by 9mm (0.36inch) T10- 42-SMD LED wedge bulbs.

You can successfully use it as backup reverse lights, license plate light, parking light, corner light, side marker light, and tail light. 

Also can be used for interior decoration (Map, Dome, Trunk.) light, interior high mount stop side marker light lamps.

5. Aucan 20pcs Super Bright Light For Motorhome

RV Trailer T10 921 194 42-SMD 12V Car Backup Reverse LED Lights Bulbs Light Width Lamp Xenon White

Aucan is designed with 42 beautiful high quality 3014 SMD chipsets. It works with a direct voltage of 12V amp and produces flux of 500 lumens. It has the capacity to emit 6,500 kelvin color.

It is built with replaceable features that make it suitable for backup or reverse lights, center high mount stop lights, license plate tag light, map lights, dome light, trunk lights, reading lights, glove box lights, and inner tail light bulb.

The light is designed with features to make it easy to install. It was built to cover 360 degree lightning to enhance brightness. It maintains low temperature and consumes low energy power.

6. Bluefire 4 Pack Upgraded Super Bright 

Bluefire LED lights are specially designed for motorhomes to offer quality brightness with low heat. 

Bluefire are built to consume low power energy. It is an energy power saving light that you use to save money.

It is produced with high quality  material of SMD 5050 LED. it has double light and excellent consistency light color that emits high luminous intensity.

Bluefire lights are not dazzling when they are on and produce brightness that looks like the natural daylight. The light is soft and makes your eyes comfortable without experiencing any hurt by the light.

It’s easy to install because it is built with 2 wire nuts and 4 screws. The screw wiring cap helps in fast connection with double dome light at any position you want in your motorhome. Use the screw to fix the light at any position of your choice in your motorhome.

Bluefire LED lights are CE and RoHs approved double dome lights with lifespan more than 60,000 hours. This light lasts longer than standard bulbs with heat resistance and anti-corrosive features.

Convenient ON/OFF Switches Design, it adds great functionality to any area for lighting and it is widely used as a perfect replacement light for Car / RV / Trailer / Camper / Marine Boats.

The lights don’t have a dimmer feature, therefore you have to regulate the brightness by yourself by switching it off and on.

7. B-right RV LED Lights Interior

B-right RV LED lights have a dimmable feature that you can use to control brightness. The bulb works under 12V power supply. 

It’s an energy conservation LED light. It uses 18 premium LED chips, which draw only 3-watt and provide a total 4x 240 lumens of brightness. 

B-right has a reduced feature of 2.5 times more energy consumption than traditional incandescent bulbs and the brightness has increased 3 times more than before. It has the capacity to illuminate uniformly without any dark spots.

The LED light is designed with 3,000k warm light, 240 lumens bright enough for motorhome, camper, and RV.

Recessed Mount Cabinet Light, which is easy to install in motorhomes and increase the interior view. It uses an elastic piece that you can attach to any fingers, pens or other objects. 

B-right has an easy use switch on the tip of the finger light, which can turn the product on and off.


Aloveco LED lights are designed with dimmable features that you can use to decorate the interior part of your motorhome.

It has the capacity to produce 3,000 kelvin ultra-thin RV lights. And it was approved by CE, RoHs and FCC to be safe and environmentally friendly.

Highly recessed built to beautify the interior part of the motorhome, which consumes energy power of 12-volt. 

Aloveco LED light offers 8×240 lumens brighten without any dazzling. It has a dimmable feature that makes it meet your lighting needs at any moment.

3W for each light produces energy saving lower down to 2.5 times consumption than others, which makes it to be more efficient.

Aloveco is produced with aluminum shell materials that are good at heat dissipation & anti-corrosion, which extends the lifespan of these RV interior lighting to 50000+ hours. 

More durable and delicate than other traditional plastic RV double dome ceiling light fixtures.

Aloveco light bulbs are highly reliable and easy to install. No screws needed, just put the RV lights into the hole after connecting the power supply. 

The light bulbs come with an installation guide with a top-notch product packaging.it has 18 -month warranty free replacement after-sale service.

9. MIHAZ 5-Pack Upgraded 12V LED lights

MIHAZ is an upgraded LED recessed ceiling lights for motorhomes. It is built with 68 pieces of high quality LED lights.

The bulbs offer ultra-high brightness, which shine as daylight of  6,000 kelvin and 600LM. It has a complete panel of 68 LED lights that makes it better than any traditional interior light. 

MIHAZ has 5W low power consumption and more stable performance with a lifespan of 35,000 hours.

The light is designed to be an all-in-one compact body. It is designed with a current drive system that provides comprehensive protection. 

Ultra thin 23mm of a mounting hole of 73-80mm diameter. Zinc alloy shells of MIHAZ are built to resist heat.

MIHAZ products are certified by CE, FCC and RoHS to be safe for both motorhome users and the motorhome.

10. Obeaming 12V 24V LED Ceiling Light

This is super slim flush mount downlights for motorhomes and RVs. The light is extremely slim and lightweight that is suitable for any narrow place in the motorhome.

It is built with dimmable features that work with DC 12-24v PWM LED dimmer switch. It smoothly from very dim to highest brightness for comfortable lighting. 

Obeaming LED lights are energy consumption efficient. This is high efficiency LED bulbs pull very minimal amps while providing bright lighting, greatly saving auto batteries. Each light has 245 lumen output, 980 lumen per pack.

The light is built with aluminum material that makes it an excellent heat radiating. The material makes it last longer than you may be expecting. It comes with solid stainless clips that’re durable and corrosion resistance.

Obeaming LED light has flush mount, clean looking – sleek chrome finish, and recessed mount with solid spring clips, which is easy to install or removable. 


Here you have top 10 LED lights you can use for motorhomes.

These LED lights are high-quality with better features you can use to enhance the lighting system of your motorhome.

If you need assistance, I would like you to choose Kohree 12V LED lights for your motorhome because they’re produced with durable materials, which make it last longer compared to other traditional lights like the halogen.