10 Best LED Lights For Polaris Ranger [Guide 2021]

There is every need for you to light-up your Polaris Ranger with better LED lights, especially when driving at night.

Having quality light on your polaris ranger makes you enjoy your driving when the natural light isn’t bright enough for you to drive.

Most importantly, you don’t just need bright light but light that’s built to stand up to the rigor of off road drive when the weather is not properly clear. 

If you’re looking up to better LED lights for your Polaris Ranger, this article will help you get the best out of many brands in the market.

Here are 10 best LED lights carefully selected with proof to provide better and super quality brightness, especially at night.

1. Nilight ZH412 Bar Set

Nilight ZH412 Bar Set delivers super brightness. The length of the light is 20 inches, which use 420W triple spot flood combo work driving lamps.

Nilight ZH412 is a combo beam with triple row and nest reflector cup design in the middle for extreme light efficiency.

It has an upgrading reflector cup that comes with a broad reflective plate on both sides, which allow multi-angle refraction. 

Nilight ZH412 is designed to be excellent and super in ambient illumination. It has seamless protective housing with waterproof glue — dustproof and quakeproof. The waterproof is rated to be IP67. 

It has a wider application of 12 foot extendable wiring harness, which is suitable for almost all 12V battery vehicles such as Jeeps, ATVs, cars, motorcycles, ships, yachts, and trailers.

2. Dasen LED Light For Polaris Ranger

Dasen LED light has a perfect wiring mount bracket kit. It has a rear roll cage spotlight that enables you to view back easily. 

It is built to size every 3 inches compartment that uses 18W. Highly backup reverse LED compatible with polaris ranger full size between 2013 to 2020.

Design LED light fits Polaris Ranger RANGER 570/800/900/900 XP/1000/XP 1000/Crew XP 1000 (2013-2019 full size).

You can install it on any polaris ranger rear that uses backup light or light pod. The mount brackets are laser and CNC formed with powder coated. 

It has an effective waterproof feature. Very easy to install, Using factory mounting points, Without any drilling, cutting or modification required.

Buy this light and stand to gain a pair of mounting brackets and Mounting bolts + 2 x LED cube lights w/Wiring kit.

3. Kemimoto Ranger LED Light Bulb

Kemimoto ranger LED light bulbs are built with an upgraded UTV LED headlight light. The bulbs are Hi/Lo, which is compatible with 2011 to 2019 polaris ranger 800 1000 RZR XP 1000 General / 2005 Ford F-150 (2 PCS).

Hi/Lo simply means a motion sensor that detects any presence and quickly turns on the screen, while sometimes it dim the light.

The light is waterproof certified with an ingress protection number IP65. It has UTV light bulbs, which work well in any weather conditions you are driving. 

Kemimoto ranger LED light bulbs are effective under the rain or snow. It works normally and illuminates the front, providing maximum protection for your driving safety.

It produces high-quality and super brightness. Kemimoto has an upgraded ranger of 20W LED headlight bulbs.

The headlight bulbs are upgraded with CSP1919 chip, which function to keep the low and high beam brightness better than traditional H13 LED light bulbs. 

The light has a longer and wider spread visual field, especially at night. The UTV LED lights have the capacity to fit for most models of ranger rzr ranger. 

Kemimoto ranger LED lights are easy to install. You don’t need any modification, rather just remove the original UTV bulb and replace it directly. 

The Kemimoto ranger has reinforced rotating buckle LED bulbs, equipped with a red rubber gasket, which is not easy to loosen when installed in the lampshade. More stable than other LED light bulbs.

Adjustable rotating buckle UTV LED light bulbs, comes with a hexagonal wrench. You can use the wrench to unscrew the bolt, and adjust the angle of the headlight in the lampshade by rotating the buckle. 

The adjustment feature helps you to get the most suitable light effect by adjusting the light and enjoying the beautiful night.

Kamimoto ranger lights are not affected by heat because it has thicker heat dissipation plate, led light bulbs has a wider contact area with air and better heat dissipation effect.

The heat dissipation plate improves the working life of the headlight. 

Upgraded hardened interface wire protection rubber, so that the wires of the Ranger LED light bulbs are not exposed to the air, not easy to be damp and aging.

High compacted light LED light bulbs you can trust to deliver better and wide brightness you need to have excellent view when driving.

4. SAUTVS Ranger LED Headlight

SAUTVs ranger LED lights have the capacity to function both low beams and high beams. 

It has been upgraded to be 4 times brighter than original holygan headlight, reaching 3600 lumens.

SAUTVs are streamline in appearance design, which make them stand out in the crowd. It’s highly durable with capacity to work more than 30,000 hours service times. 

It compatible with Polaris Ranger 570 Mid Size / Ranger Crew 570 Mid Size / Ranger Crew 900 / Ranger Crew Diesel / Ranger Crew XP 1000 / Ranger Crew XP 900 / Ranger Diesel / Ranger XP 1000 / Ranger XP 900(refer to fitment in description)

SAUTVS ranger LED headlight is highly certified to be waterproof with ingress protection number of IP67.  The light bulb can function at any weather conditions.

5. LABLT 27W LED Light

LABLT 27W LED lights are designed to be spot beam squares that work with light replacement for 2018 to 2020 polaris ranger 1000 X P and ranger crew cab.

It has an ingress protection number of IP67, which certified the light to be effective at any weather conditions.

You can change the brightness of the light from either low to high or high to low. The adjustment feature creates a better light brightness that suits your driving.

It has heavy-duty metal mounting brackets that makes it easy to install and spot beam light bar, solid and waterproof for rusting resistance and long service lifetime.

You don’t need to modify anything when installing it neither do you need to cut or drill in bolts on installation. 

The light comes with a 1 x light bar with a mount bracket and necessary hardware. Provide powerful illumination to improve rear sight visibility and safety in the wicked weather, off-road and at night.

6. Bevel Engineering Premium LED

Bevel Engineering Premium LED is an upgraded light bulb for Polaris – Ranger – RZR. it has H13 Headlight Bulb Kit 2-Pack – Low and High Beam Lamp Set

Bevel LED light for polaris ranger come with replacement bulb kit for OEM # 4012279 H13 Halogen bulbs, if your bulb has H13 on it, this is a direct replacement.

Bevel is providing the higher-quality power sport accessories. Therefore, the polaris ranger bulbs are of quality.

You can easily install the bulb by simply plugging into the factory wiring harness-easy mount without not experiencing any delays.

The H13 replacement 4,000LM greatly exceeds the performance of the stock halogen bulbs.

7. Samman Rear Roof Pillar Roll 

Samman rear roof pillar roll LED lights are produced with durable materials of laser and CNC formed.

It’s coated with black powder, which makes it durable and sturdy to handle and perform excellently when at any weather you expose it to it.

The light bulbs are compatible and with polaris ranger 2013 to 2020. Any polaris ranger that’s produced within the year 2013 run-down to 2020 are fit to use it without any further shaping.

You can easily mount it on a bracket that fits a polaris ranger RANGER 570/800/900/900 XP/1000/XP 1000/Crew XP 1000. (2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 full size body)

Samman rear roof pillar roll lights for polaris ranger are rust-resistance with long service life. It also waterproof designed to withstand the tough elements of the outside.

The light pod mounting brackets match with exit factory points, without any drilling, install it on the Polaris ranger rear, and you can add 2 backup light pods.

Samman rear roof pillar roll allows you to Install the Polaris rear roof roll cage mounting brackets with extra two backup reverse light pods, make your Polaris looks fresh as well as give you a bright working environment.

Get Samman rear roof pillar roll with extra packages, which include 2 rear roof roll cage bar mount brackets, 4 screws, 4 nuts, and 4 washers.

8. TURBOSII DOT 32/30 Inch Curved Led Light Bar 

TURBOSII DOT 32/30 Inch Curved Led Light Bar designed to give high brightness with maximum energy power of 180W (made of 60*3w leds) curved LED light bar.

It has high-quality LED chips and clear PC lens, 15800LM, super bright pure white 6000K light dispels darkness.

TURBOSII dot customised to be a straight dual roll of diecast aluminum housing.  The light is produced with toughened glass, alu firm bracket. 

Looking for a sturdy and adjustable bracket, one of the best options is Samman dot lights. With the sturdy adjustable bracket you can easily firmly fix the light bar. 

Certified to be waterproof, quakeproof and dust resistance with ingress protection number of IP67.

TURBOSII dot light has a flood beam of 60 degree and spot bream of 30 degree combo. Excellent combination of spot beam and flood beam will prove wider spread and illuminate long distance.

You can mount it on Truck Tacoma SUV Snow Plow Yamaha Rhino Polaris Ranger RZR 570 900 1000 RV Razor, Peterbilt Tractors Golf Cart Viking UTV Jeep Wrangler, and Trailer Hyster Fork Pickup Duck Boat GMC Chevy Van Cadillac RWD Blazer ATV Silverado 1500 Side by Side 4×4.

The package includes 1pcs 32 inches of 180W LED light bar, 1 set of rocker switch wiring harness kit. Also, 2pcs 4 inch 18w pods cube spot driving fog lights.

The company offers a 1 year warranty upon purchase of TURBOSII DOT LED light bulb for polaris ranger.

9. WeiSen Upper Roof 50 Inch 288W High Power Curved LED Light Bar

WeiSen Upper Roof 50 Inch 288W High Power Curved LED Light Bar designed to fit (Fit Pro-fit cage with lock and ride cab system) 2013 to 2019 model of polaris ranger 570/900/1000 Full Size. 

Mount Brackets are made of powder coated black surface, solid and rusting resistance. The light bulbs come with a high power 288W light bar and 2x 3″ 18W work lights.

It is built to be waterproof, dust-resistance, quakeproof, and long service life. Provide powerful illumination to improve visibility and safety in the wicked weather, off-road and at night driving.

Easy bolt-on installation without any drilling, cutting or modification required. Come with instruction.

Weisen products come with a full package that includes a pair of profit cage light bar Mount brackets, 1 x 50 inch light bar, a pair of cube light brackets & 2 x LED cube lights w/ 2x wiring kit.

10. DOT 5D 12INCH 72W LED Light Bar

Dot 5D LED lights are designed to produce higher brightness and project light to extreme distance through the dark and keep bright surround lighting in a wider range.

DOT 5D 12-inch LED light is manufactured with a full die-cast aluminum profile that has the capacity to withstand corrosion and any harsh environment.

DOT 5D built to display spot beam for long irradiation distance and flood beam for bright and broad view area. The combo beam provides an excellent visual effect for you,offering a long distance irradiation and wider view.

DOT 5D is highly performing light with IP65 waterproof rate. Has an effective cooling die cast aluminum alloy housing cover.

It has the capacity to work over 50,000 Hours Lifespan , Dust-tight and Shockproof, with a Rugged Breather to drain off most mist, moisture and drops by pressure difference.

DOT 5D can successfully size Jeep Wrangler JK TJ Cherokee, Hummer H2 H3, Chevy Silverado, GMC, Yamaha Viking, and Kabota.


These are our top LED lights for polaris rangers that have the capacity to produce wider and quality brightness.

These light bulbs are durable, waterproof, dustproof, and quakeproof designed to ensure your polaris ranger has better lighting especially at night.