The Best Overhead Lighting for Sewing Room (Top 10)

Sufficient lighting is very important for any sewing or crafting project to be successful.

Good and sufficient lighting in your sewing room will reduce fatigue, reduce eye strain, and improve your posture, enabling you to sew for a longer time. 

More so, proper overhead lighting makes your sewing room more beautiful and comfortable for sewing.

Here is a list of our best overhead lighting for the sewing room. Read on to learn about them and why you should use them.

Note: Overhead lighting for sewing rooms comes in two forms. Some overhead lamps are devoted to illuminating your sewing machine while others illuminate the entire sewing room.

1. OttLite Standing Sewing Lamp

This is the best floor/standing overhead light for your sewing room. It will save you from the embarrassment of a poorly-lit sewing environment, which always contributes to changing the color of the string. 

This lamp has a high CRI rating, stunning enough for recognizing the colors and objects at hand.

The OttLite standing sewing lamp is famous for its amazing color definition and will never let you down. 

The lamp features an adjustable gooseneck, a large lamp head, high color rendition. All these make OttLite standing sewing lamp a perfect companion for your sewing progress.


  • The luminous flux adds up to 508 lumens
  • Adjustable height from 108cm to 124.5cm
  • The flexible/adjustable gooseneck aids the multi-positioning of the lamp.
  • The wide lamp head/shade aims to illuminate a larger sewing area
  • Features an in-built 24watt natural daylight LED bulb for clearer and powerful light and low-heat dissipation.


  • The in-built 24watt natural daylight LED bulb can’t be changed if it’s out of order

2. Brightech Sewing Magnifying Lamp

This lamp includes a hands-free magnifier and is suitable for bad eyes and aged eyes.

This Brightech lamp features a 3 diopter glass to magnify whatever you’re looking at up to 175 percent, and a 5 diopter glass to magnify up to 225 percent.

This interesting addition makes this lamp an ideal tool for those with low vision. 

This Brightech lamp also features an adjustable neck, which allows you to adjust the lamp to your comfort level and shine the lamp to the sewing surface and cross-stitch where you need it most. 

This lamp can also function as your bedside lamp for reading newspapers and books.


  • Features a hands-free magnifier
  • Offers 6000K super bright daylight
  • Compatible with a wall switch
  • Adjustable height from 24in. to 55in.
  • Features 6.5″ by 4″ glass lens for those who are vision impaired.
  • 17in. flexible gooseneck provides you with enough space for light direction adjustment
  • 10″ by 9″ large and wide base for stability
  • 3 diopters for 1.75x magnification and 5 diopters for 2.25x magnification
  • 9watt LED with 870 lumens for highly efficient light and energy saving.


  • No lens cover

3. Razon Sewing Machine LED Light

This LED lamp is dedicated to sewing machine illumination. It eliminates the problems associated with dim light and poor vision when working during the night.

This LED light strip is required to be fitted at the inside arm of your sewing machine, beaming a bright and direct light on clothes.

It features a 3m adhesive tape, enabling you to customize the lamp based on your sewing equipment.


  • Affordable Price
  • Easy operation
  • Strong adhesions
  • 6.6ft. long cord
  • Touch dimmer design
  • 11.8in. LED strip
  • Fits all kinds of sewing machines
  • Features USB switch with an adapter to recharge it from a power bank or computers.


This lamp works only with 110V main. You will need to buy a transformer if your main is 240v.

4. TaoTronics Portable Sewing Lamp

TaoTronics portable sewing lamp is not only versatile but is also very affordable.

It weighs only 1.93 pounds, enabling you to easily move it from place to place.

This portable lamp can also be used as a reading light and drafting lighting fixture. The brightness level of the light can be adjusted to suit your eye comfort.


  • Dimmable light
  • Touch control panel
  • 3 color modes with 6 brightness levels
  • 17.8in. tall and can be completely folded
  • Can automatically memorize your favorite brightness 
  • Has an ultra-slim base and small footprint
  • USB charging port for a convenient charging


  • In-built LED bulbs are not “easily” replaceable.

5. OttLite Sewing Machine Table Lamp with High Color Definition

This is another amazing product from OttLite. This lamp comes with a high-color definition, enabling you to make the best color match and adorable design.

This lamp features natural daylight and a beneficial color temperature for craftsmen.

The high color definition brings you everything you want, including bright light, eyestrain alleviation, and glare reduction.

This OttLite product offers low-energy consumption and long-lasting service. You can easily fold it to save space, making your sewing room look neater. 


  • Affordable – price below $20
  • 13watts bulbs
  • Foldable lamp head
  • Adjustable lamp height – from 14.75in. to 19.75in.
  • Includes LED technology to see details clearly and ensure healthy eyes
  • Narrow lamp head beams for focusing light for sewing and knitting


  • The adjustable light only moves up and down

6. Verilux Original SmartLight LED Floor Lamp

This is a lamp to consider if ambient natural light is what you desire for your sewing room.

This lamp looks much like any standing light fixture with a flat lamp. However, it performs much better.

It features a powerful yet energywise 18watt LED lamp hidden behind the branded Optix Glare Control Lens.

This is a full-spectrum lamp capable of illuminating a large area. It offers lighting cast very close to daylight. 

This lamp offers more comfort to your eyes and will ensure true color rendering and better detail clarity.

This lamp also serves as a light diffuser and features the Flicker Elimination Technology that helps in preventing fatigue and eye strain. 

This low-energy consumption lamp is great for sewing, crafting, reading, and other projects.

You can choose between 5 brightness levels and 3 colors and the adjustable goose neck helps to easily alter the light direction.


  • Glare control lens
  • Flicker elimination technology
  • 5 brightness levels and 3 color temperatures.


  • The LED bulb cannot be replaced. 

7. Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

Do you need a no-frills light that will ensure proper illumination for your sewing room?

You can’t go wrong with this Brightech Litespan LED Lamp. This lamp consists of only two parts – the base and the pole – and is very easy to assemble. 

The base is very strong and will make the lamp stay stable on the floor.

Nevertheless, the lamp is lightweight – weighing less than 5 pounds – and can be easily carried around.

This lamp comes in several different color patterns, enabling you to choose the one that matches your sewing room more perfectly.

This Brightech Litespan LED lamp has an efficient LED bulb and multiple diodes that deliver bright yet soft cool light safe for your eyes and great for detail sewing work. The LED bulb is dimmable and can be adjusted to suit your eyes.


  • Available in multiple color patterns
  • An energy-efficient and long-lasting LED bulb
  • Customizable bright light


  • The in-built LED bulb cannot be replaced

8. OttLite 3-in-1 Adjustable-Height Craft Floor Lamp with Magnifier and Clip

This 3-in-1 adjustable-height craft floor lamp with magnifier and clip can be converted to suit your need – it can be used as a regular standing overhead lamp, a desk lamp, or a clamp-on light fixture – thanks to its “transformer” design.

When used as an overhead lamp, the height can be adjusted from 43in. to 63.75in. to suit your needs and task at hand.

This lamp is as energy-efficient as LED bulbs and is rated to last up to 10,000 hours.

The lamp incline is adjustable, enabling you to guide the light at a proper angle.

The lamp also has a clip and a magnifier glass. The clip is handy for holding pictures, charts, and patterns when sewing or embroidering while the 2X magnifier with a 5X spot helps when working with tiny details.


  • Available in multiple color patterns
  • An energy-efficient and long-lasting LED bulb
  • Customizable bright light


  • The LED bulb cannot be replaced. 

9. Miroco LED Floor Lamp 

This is a simple floor-standing lamp but comes with great versatility and ultimate customization that will cater to multiple needs.

You can either use this lamp as a floor lamp or transform it into a table lamp if necessary.

This lamp features a 12watt energy-saving LED bulb, 3 colors (warm white, natural white, cool white), and 5 brightness levels (from 20% to 100% in 20% increments). 

The flexible rubberized gooseneck enables adjusting the light for any task.

There is also a 1 hour timer to switch off the lamp automatically. Miroco LED Floor Lamp does not only boast of fine shapes but also a 50,000 hour lifespan.


  • 5 brightness levels and 3 light colors
  • 1-hour timer
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Long power cable


  • In-built bulb not replaceable

10. Daylight Focus Adjustable Beam LED Floor Lamp

If you need an overhead lamp that beautifies your sewing room, Daylight Focus Adjustable Beam LED Floor Lamp is your best choice.

This lamp has a streamlined design, nickel finish, slim pole, exquisite bowl shade, and a geometrical round base. All these make this lamp a perfect match for any modern interior style.

The lamp is not only elegant but also very functional. It is 65 inches tall and has a 15.5 inches flexible gooseneck to adjust the light angle and light position to your comfort and convenience.

The pull design allows different beam sizes from 3 inches – 33 inches at a distance of 12 inches.

Therefore, you can choose to either illuminate the whole sewing room or get a focused light for some detailed work.

More so, there is a 5 Watts LED bulb that generates light 7X brighter than that of a common 60-watt incandescent bulb. 


  • Adjustable gooseneck that easily flexes to any position
  • Smaller shade
  • Adjustable beam size


  • Inbuilt LED bulb not easily replaceable


Using the right overhead lighting for the sewing room will not only make your sewing experience more comfortable but also help you achieve better sewing results without any discomfort and fatigue. 

While there is no sewing lamp suitable for all, you can choose a lamp suitable for your sewing and crafting projects from the 10 best overhead lights listed above.