Best Reading Lamp for Elderly: Top 7 Lighting for the Aging Eye

The elderly is known for their wisdom, humility, and intellect.

To continually feed their minds with good information, they need the right type of reading lamp.

Our favorites are the BenQ Silver Genie Reading Lamp (on Amazon) and Brightech Farmhouse reading lamp (links to Amazon)

BenQ Silver Genie E-Reading LED World’s First Desk Lamp

  • Lights up your entire desk
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Auto-dimming mode
  • No glare or flicker
  • Soft touch and controls

Brightech Farmhouse Reading Lamp

  • Great for reading
  • Expensive looking lamp
  • Alexa compatible light
  • Dimmable reading lamp
  • Durable

Here are the top 7 best reading lamp for the elderly:

1). Hawk Double Goosneck Table Lamp
2). Hapurs Desk Reading Lamp
3). LUXO IFM Magnifying Lamp
4). TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp
5). AMIR Clip-on Book Light
6). OCOOPA Stylish metal office lamp
7). LuminoLite Rechargeable Eye Protection LED Book Light

Why the Elderly needs the right reading lamp

‘Age is just a number’, a well-known quote is eloquently applicable in today’s world. All thanks to the blooming technology, awareness & scientific innovations.

The diversity of products compatible with all age groups has made it possible for our young-hearted elders to relish their life.

Aging eyes is an alarming concern among the elderly population, yet they tend to overlook the fact due to lack of proper awareness.

If ignored, some of the common illnesses could be a cataract, night blindness, color blindness & hypermetropia.

The lighting, décor & the ambiance of a place plays an integral role in influencing the eyesight. However proper knowledge about lighting & various products associated with it will help to prevent the symptoms of an aging eye.

It must be also noted that a 65-year-old requires four times the amount of light than a healthy youth.

The scope of this article is resting until the reviews of top 7 reading lights for your aging eyes.

Brightech Farmhouse Reading Lamp

  • Great for reading
  • Expensive looking lamp
  • Alexa compatible light
  • Dimmable reading lamp
  • Durable

7 Best Reading Lamps for the Elderly (Reviewed)

1. Hapurs Desk Reading Lamp

Hapurs has released a remarkable product. Its desk reading light is essentially one of the top-rated products in the market. It has tons of features to deliberate upon.

The most exciting part of it is it has 3 touch brightness sensors, where you can witness three different levels of brightness, helping you adapt to the best level of illumination.

This is a desk lamp, thus enabling you to read without any problems.

Its eye-friendly illumination, adequate battery life, and a compact & portable design brings helps it garner appreciation from its consumers. Some technical specifications are enlisted below: –

  1. Weight: 6 ounces
  2. Dimensions: 3*4*7 inches
  3. Material: Plastic
  4. Power Source: Solar battery as well as normal battery
  5. Operation: Cordless

2. Hawk Double Gooseneck

Hawk Double Gooseneck being not only a table lamp, also serves as an ideal product for the senior members of the population.

It is a magnifying lamp with 2x & 4x power. Magnifying lamps help to reduce eye-strain & provide immense light, thus are perfect for older people.

Like the one mentioned above, even this is a desk lamp, suitable for office tables, not restricted to other uses though.

The lamp has an acrylic lens with 4 LED lights. On a merrier side, there is a clip mounted that could also attach work papers & documents.

3. LUXO IFM Magnifying Lamp

As another magnification lamp in this, LUXO has produced an attractive product.

It is attributed with a precise magnification of 2.25x, making it compatible with the eyesight of older people. Unlike the former one, this one uses a 22-watt, fluorescent bulb.

For the protection of the bulb, it also has a diffuser. Despite having a firm steel arm, the lamp is portable.

The most highlighting feature of this LUXO IFM is its feature to be wall mounted, contrasting other magnifier lamps.

Last but not the least, the lamp has received fabulous ratings & reviews from its customers.

4. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics is an official member of the Philips EnabLED light sourcing programme which makes it a reliable brand.

The brand claims that it is energy efficient, thus helping you to save your light consumption by 75%. Nonetheless, the most striking feature is the multitude of lighting mode it possesses.

It has 5 different colors with 7 brightness levels for each of these colors. This model is eye-friendly & is ideal for reading.

5. AMIR Clip-on Book Light

AMIR clip-on light is a light, compact and portable device specifically designed for the purpose of reading.

Hence, it provides eye protection and is an anti-glare lamp which makes it suitable for the elder age group.

It has a touch panel which controls to switch between three different brightness levels. Some specifications are mentioned below: –

  1. Batteries: Lithium-ion batteries
  2. Material: ABS plastic
  3. Luminous Flux: 600.00

6. OCOOPA Stylish metal office lamp

OCOOPA lamp could be an amazing addition to your dad’s office desk or workplace as it has a multitude of benefits to look upon. Unlike other plasticky lamps, this one comes with a metallic finish.

It comes with an adjustable lamp head, helping you to focus light in your desired direction.

Another highlighting feature is that it has 7 different brightness levels to choose from across four modes namely reading, sleep, relaxing and study modes.

It must also be considered that this is one of the good companions for your eyes as it is an anti-glare lamp.

Most of the customers were content with this lamp, but one hovering concern about its portability was also raised by several users.

BenQ Silver Genie E-Reading LED World’s First Desk Lamp

  • Lights up your entire desk
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Auto-dimming mode
  • No glare or flicker
  • Soft touch and controls

7. LuminoLite Rechargeable Eye Protection LED Book Light

As its name clearly suggests, LuminoLite is an appropriate light in this list. It has a high capacity rechargeable battery, for your long needs.

Its durability is not compromised, as well as it is made up of high-quality fittings. 14 bright LED lights accompanied with 3 brightness level settings will allow you to select the desired intensity of light.

Some technical specifications are:

Weight: – 7.2 ounces

Colour: – Black

Voltage: – 3.7 volts

Luminous Flux: – 90.00

Some lighting tips for elderly people & their aging eye:

  1. Uniform lighting everywhere: The more the amount of fluctuating illumination, the greater impact on the eyes. The amount of light in a room space must be uniform throughout.
  2. Reflected glare is a no-no: The greater the reflected glare, the greater hazard it poses. It must be kept in mind that, your television, computers, mirrors & windows must be placed in such a manner that the reflected glare is minimized.
  3. You must avoid using exposed open, exposed or uncovered light bulbs.
  4. The walls in an elderly’s room must be typical of light shades, preferably white & yellow.
  5. Get as much natural light as possible: Natural light is a boon, not only for elderly people but for all the age segments. Natural lighting helps you to maintain your eyesight & is also a natural source of vitamin D.


This article was solely written to highlight the fact that it is highly important for elders to consider their health first where eyesight is of paramount importance.

We sincerely hope that this article will be of some benefit, if not immense & you will use the suggestions mentioned above.

Brightech Farmhouse Reading Lamp

  • Great for reading
  • Expensive looking lamp
  • Alexa compatible light
  • Dimmable reading lamp
  • Durable