Best Shop Lights For High Ceilings (Top 10 Reviews)

There are many types of lights for high ceilings out there.

Sometimes, it’s challenging to spot out the best lights for high ceilings among many brands at the local store and online.

Lighting is very important for your ceiling. It brings out the beauty and makes the ceilings appealing to the eyes, especially the high ceilings.

The type of lights you mount on your high ceilings will determine how cool, comfortable, adoring, and conducive the space will be.

Therefore, you need high-quality, durable, and affordable lights you can use to transform your ceilings into an expression of beauty.

You might be wondering how to know the best shop lights for high ceilings.

You don’t have to worry because in this article, you’ll discover 10 best shop lights for high ceilings, which you can choose from to beautify your high ceiling.

Best Shop Lights For High Ceilings:

1. Sefinn Four 9

Sefinn Four 9 is sparking spiral lights that’s designs to make high ceiling glimpses and shining.

This light is for high ceilings, which is built with modern features that increase the glory of the space.

The body is sparkling with a crystal spiraling form that’ll add elegance and brighten your space. 

When it turns on, it brings out brightness in a form of rainfall that diffuse into the entire room.

It has a dimmable feature, which you can use to either increase or decrease the brightness to suit yourself.

Highly refracting light from multiple angles, which generate rich shining brightness that define personality.

It customised with gorgeous and luxurious spiral spheres, which are in the form of raindrops. 

Sefinn Four 9 comes in gold and silver colors, which do accept most of the ceiling paints. Having Sefinn Four 9 in your high ceilings will make it classic.

The installation of Sefinn Four 9 is easy and simple because it has been assembled by the manufacturer.  

When it switches on, it delivers exceptional brightness that’ll transform the entire hall. It has stainless cables that connect the bulbs into electric power.

The Sefinn Four 9 has a flush mount diameter of 24-inch x height 79-inch. The size makes it more exceptional even though it has been hung on the high ceiling.

2. Larootsi Modern Black 

This is a spheric chandelier stainless steel with crystal flush mount that makes it rotate when it’s switched on.

The Larootsi is made with high-class K9 crystal and high-quality stainless steel that refract daylight light when it’s hung up.

It has different colors of lights that shines to deliver exceptional brightness in a unique way.

When the lights are switched on, it creates an emotional ambiance that everybody can easily relate with.

The Larootsi is compatible with incandescent, LED, CFL bulbs. These lights create a lovely atmosphere in the room.

You don’t need to assemble it, because it has already been assembled to make it simple and easy to mount. Larootsi is durable and sturdy and worth buying. 

The Larootsi modern black is in canopy form with a diameter of 10-inch, 9-inch width x 8.625-inch height. 

It’s an energy saving light bulb that consumes 110V. The light source is E12 x 3. The maximum voltage by one bulb is 40w. So, the total wattage for the whole bulbs makes it consume a total voltage of 110V. 

3. MonDaufie Crystal Ceiling Light

The MonDaufie Crystal ceiling lights are spherical built with glass that reflect out the light which creates an ambience of beauty and coolness, when turned on.

The MonDaufies need 110w — 120v voltage to power the entire bulbs. The wattage for each bulb is 60w.

It’s made up of premium crystal and metal. MondDaufie is listed under UL and certified as excellent light for high ceiling.

You have 30-day of free return, if you get less of what you order for and it has a 1-year warranty. 

MonDaufies comes with an Owner’s manual that guides you on how to install it.

It’s easy and simple to install because the installation instruction is on the Owner’s manual. Just follow the instructions on the manual and get it done by yourself.

The MonDaufie is sturdy, durable and affordable high ceiling light that you can use to beauty your living room.

The company that produces MonDaufie is known for their excellent product. The MonDaufie uses energy saving bulbs. 

4. SOTTAE 12″

The Sottae 12’’ is customised high ceiling light for luxurious and ambiance that comes with coolness.

The light is built with a finished refracting glass, which makes it brighten up the entire room. It’s designed with excellent lumens that shine on the finished glass. 

It comes with a flush mount that makes it hung on the ceiling in a standard and adoring way. 

The Sottae 12’’ is an elegant design to deliver a sunshine atmosphere when it turns on. It’s completely luxurious in design and produces the coolness of ambiance.

It’s come in black most times, which is made up of metal plastic. The finished glass is plastic-glass which makes it durable and sturdy.

Sottae 12’’ has a diameter of 12-inch and 10.23-inch. You can easily install it because it has already been assembled from the factory.

It is designed with the black metal on the outer side that gives shade, while the inner white glass helps to diffuse the brightness.

The Sottae 12’’ light is excellent for office, stairway, bedroom, and hallway. You can also mount it at commercial places or residential homes.

It requires 110-voltage — 120-voltage, and uses an E26 socket. Each bulb of Sottae 12’’ consume 40w – 60w 

The two (2) bulbs which Sottae 12’’ is compatible with are LED, CFL, and incandescent medium base bulb.


If you are looking for a luxurious, flexible and versatile option, the Noxarte lights feature a high-end light you can use as a pendant light with a chain.

This is perfect light for a high ceiling with an adjustable feature. It’s designed with high versatility and functions.

The Noxarte light is usually in round shape and built with a round wagon wheel. The wagon wheel makes it rustic chandelier.

It has a light fixture size of 25.6 inches diameter, 20 inches in height. The hanging chain length is 39’’ (100CM, adjustable).

Noxarte can be used in two ways; it can be used as pendant light with a high ceiling chain, and can be used as a ceiling chandelier without a chain if you have a lower ceiling.

It has a light weight of 6 x E12 and it’s durable, sturdy, and affordable.

Noxarte uses a maximum of 40w bulbs and works with incandescent, LED, CFL, and halogen with color changing bulbs that’s unto 40w as well. 

The Noxarte is easy to install. Just follow the installation instruction on the Owner manual to assemble it.

It has an adjustable feature, which allows you to adjust the brightness to your specific needs. It has a dimmable fixture, which allows you to dim the brightness to a certain level that you want.


If you are looking for a vintage-style ceiling light that you can use to beautify your kitchen, entryway, dining room, or living room, Seol-Light is a great option.

This is an excellent light to add value and bring out the beauty of your ceiling. It’s a high vintage of a large crystal of many branch chandeliers that comes in different colors.

It uses a flush mount system, which is designed with steel. This mounting system makes it strong and holds firm on the ceiling.

It’s built with metal that makes it durable, study and last long. The size is 31.5W x 11.8H  inches. Constructed with metal and K9 crystal. 

The Seol-Light is highly designed with vintage and rustic — it’s designed with crystal branches. It uses a flush mount ceiling lamp to hang on the ceiling.

The company that produces Seol-Light operates 100% Refund/Replacement policy for poor quality or damage during cause of transit.

Every buyer has a 1 year guarantee and it is listed under UL that is safe to use. You can assemble it by following the instructions on manual.

It’s compatible with 5 x E12, 40W of Incandescent, LED, CFL , and Halogen bulbs. The preferred bulb is LED, which is highly recommended. The size of the LED bulb comes in two; 15.25’’ and 22.5 wide. 

It also works with 60-watt light sockets. It has an open framework that’s designed with charm, elegance and provides an atmosphere of coolness. 

This is easy to install and made from high-quality materials that last long and will be a great addition to any room in your home.

7. Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The Semi Flush Ceiling light is built with unique features, crafted round shape for excellent brightness. 

This ceiling light is specially crafted in a globe like shape with an outer cover with diamond glass.

The globe diamond glass helps to diffuse brightness in the entire room, which makes it an eye catching.

The diamond glass helps to soften the view from a single bulb. It’s specially designed with artistic style and creates an excellent glow, which illuminates your space in a stylistic manner. 

The Semi Flush Mount has vintage and elegant light for your high ceiling. It creates a diamond shining that makes the atmosphere look like the day’s sun. 

The Semi Flush Mount ceiling comes with installation guide instructions that helps you to install it easily. This model of light requires hardwired installation. 

The diamond globe glass shade is not enclosed and you can easily install a bulb through the open from the bottom. It comes with mounting hardware for quick and easy installation.

The Semi Flush Mount ceiling light is highly compatible with LED, Incandescent, and CFL. 

The size of each bulb is 4.5 inches. Though, it has a dimmable fixture, which you can use to dim the light to your desire. The dimmable bulb is used to create warm.

It’s durable, sturdy and an affordable ceiling light for your high ceiling.

You can mount Semi Flush Mount on hallway, entryway, foyer, kids room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, entryway, craft room, and living room.

The Semi Flush Mount Ceiling hung on the ceiling delivers soft illumination that make the environment look cool and enjoyable. 

You have a 30-day money back guarantee when you get less of what you order or the product has any default during transit and 3 years warranty.

8. CRYSTOP Crystal Chandelier

The Crystop Crystal Chandelier is a great option for high ceiling hallways, this crystal raindrop chandelier features 8 light sockets, which connect the crystal in an elegant way and offer a large amount of  ambiance.

It’s compatible with LED lights, that’ll help you save money because they’re highly energy efficient.

The Crystop Crystal Chandelier is a fantastic modern chandelier, featuring a wonderful design and made up with reflecting crystal glasses. 

This is amazing light that’s built with modern pendant light that you can use to transform space in your house.

It has a diameter of 20-inch x 71-inch height. The bulb that it uses is GU10 X 9. The bulb voltage is 50-watt. It needs 110V to 120V to power it. 

It’s compatible with dimmable bulbs and energy save bulbs as well. This is a luxurious light you can use to add value to your house.

The Crystop is a customised light with sparkling raindrop shape that is exceptionally beautiful and excellent you can use in your living room.

9. TeHenoo Industrial Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The TeHenoo is built with contemporary designs with sleek black matte base and finished glass that diffuses the brightness in an excellent way.

The light comes with installation hardware that you can use to install it easily.

It uses an E26 bulb of 40-watt. It needs energy power of 110V to 120V. You can install this light on the hallway, foyr, kids room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom.

The brand offers a 30-day money return policy and a 1 year warranty.

10. Tiffany Ceiling Lights

If your ceiling is not that high, then Tiffany ceiling light is a great option you can check out for. It comes with flush mount ceiling light and compatible with different bulbs. 

The Tiffany Ceiling light has the following measurements; 13.7-inch wide x 11.2-inch height. It was built with stained glasses lamps with a measurement of 2 x E26 socket.

The Tiffany Ceiling Lights use Incandescent bulbs, LED or CFL bulbs. The maximum watt per bulb is 60-watt but the incandescent is E26 bulb.

This model of light is designed by the company to add charm and ambiance into any space it has been installed.

It can be mounted on the hallway, living room, bedroom, foyer, family room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.


Haven read through my top 10 review, you have a great opportunity for you to choose the best light for your high ceiling.

These models of light review are excellent and designed with contemporary features that make high ceiling attractive.

If you need some help, I recommend the Sottae 12’’ for your high ceiling because this model has an excellent feature that’ll transform your the space.