How to Convert a Chandelier to a Swag Lamp

Swag lamps (otherwise called swag chandeliers) have a fun loving yet complex interest for an enduring look that matches an assortment of interiors.

Swag lamps are hung from the ceiling utilizing a chain, which is basically “swagged” from a hanging ceiling, giving an exquisitely refined look to the room. There’s a casual extravagance in the hanging chain that is ideal for a decorated lounge.

Regardless of whether you pick bright or creative print shades for casual social affair regions or multi-light styles for a contemporary look, any of the exquisite design can make your space a place to recollect.

So basically they are normal light lamps, but they are attached to the ceiling and have a cord which is hanged to the wall. This DIY project is perfect for the people who do not want to call an electrician and can remove it when people move out.

Pendant fixtures are both an excellent method to add adornments like component to your stylistic theme and a vital piece of a very much layered light plan.

Installing an additional light source hanging underneath the ceiling line includes a shine that will complement the errand lighting from pot lights or table lamps.

Best of all, numerous pendants are presently accessible in plug-in variants that do not require any electrical work, allowing you to include one in only an evening, no circuit tester required.

In spite of whether you need to invest in some lasting home redesigns or just immediately light up a transitory space, this guide will enable you to determine what stature is ideal for hanging your fixture in any circumstance.

Be that as it may, you can even purchase an appealing chandelier now and change it into a swag lamp. Swag lamps incorporate a typical family unit plug and a cord and there are no uncommon wiring contemplations or gaps to cut in your ceiling.

Swag packs accessible at home change stores use everything necessary for this basic, do-it-without anyone’s help venture.

The following steps will facilitate you in converting your chandelier to a swag lamp.

These are very simple steps that everyone can do. Moreover, this procedure enables you to convert the swag lamp back to a chandelier whenever you get bored of it.

Things that you will need for this Do-It-Yourself project are as follows:

  1. Chandelier
  2. Swag light kit
  3. Wire stripper
  4. Electrical tape or wire clips
  5. Cord cover

On the off chance that you need to introduce a Chandelier in your home, and would prefer not to run wire up in to the ceiling or introduce another breaker, you’ll have to change over your new chandelier into swag light with the goal that it can utilize a standard module line and be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Changing over a standard chandelier into swag light includes no entangled wiring or apparatuses.

Units to change over chandeliers to swag lights are sold at most home change stores and incorporate everything that you’ll have to make the transformation. Here is a manual that will demonstrate the generally accepted methods to do it.

Swag lamps are frequently used as a part of zones where pendant lighting is required or when you need warm feeling or impact in your room. Swag lamps are intended to swing from the tie snared to the ceiling and connect to the divider outlet.

Any pendant light can be changed over to a swag lamp with minor modifications. These minor changes can make your life a bit more interesting.

Step 1 – Install the Electrical Cord

In order to install the electrical cord, strip approximately 1 inch of the wire cover coating. This uncovers two wires that come out of the chandelier.

Make sure you notice the colors of these two wires and connect them appropriately to the correct new electrical cord. Attach the wires from the chandelier to the cord that comes with that new swag lamp kit.

Utilize the electrical tape or wire caps to safeguard yourself and the connections. It is imperative to insulate them properly.

Step 2 – Install the Cord Cover

Unscrew the socket cover from the socket inside the lamp installation. Handle the interior socket in your grasp and turn it counterclockwise, pulling it from the socket base to uncover the socket wiring.

Loosen up the copper and silver screws on the socket, utilizing a Phillips or level head screwdriver, and expel the lamp wire from underneath them.

Step 3 – Insert another anchor

Introduce another anchor to the lamp, no less than 6 feet long or more. Connect the chain by opening the end connection and shutting the connection around the chain circle at the highest point of the pendant lamp.

Wrap the chain length in a delicate material to prevent harming the complete on the chain.

Step 4 – Let’s attach another lamp cord

String another lamp cord through the chain and into the light socket. Utilize a lamp cord pre-made to your coveted length with the connector and to line switch as of now introduced. It is similar as financially savvy and you will spare time by not adding these two sections yourself.

Step 5 – Socket it in!

Wire the new swag lamp cord to the socket. One side of the cord is fixed; wrap this cord around the silver screw. Ensure that the new wire remains smooth by wrapping the copper and silver screws around it.

Fix the two screws with a Phillips or level head screwdriver, and supplant the socket cover by screwing it onto the socket base.

Finally, your chandelier is all set to be displayed as a swag lamp.

If you love to remodel and are big on saving those dollars, then this is the project for you.

Not only does it curb the hunger for indulging in a DIY project, but you can also learn in the process. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and move towards the brighter side of your life. Enjoy!