Is Cove Lighting Expensive? (A Pricing Chart 2021)

There are different brands of cove lighting in the market. These brands are designed to meet your budget. 

Whether you’re building or renovating a house there is cove lighting that’ll not break your bank account.

Cove lighting offers excellent brightness that diffuses shadow in the process of usage. It is designed to work several places in the house.

Cove lighting is a bit expensive. The cost price of cove lighting ranges from $100 to $2,000 for LED cove lighting, fluorescent cove lighting, linear cove lighting, etc. While the cost of rope cove lighting and wall cove lighting ranges from $50 to $500.

Irrespective of your budget, there is cove lighting that you can afford to beautify your home or office. You must necessarily buy the expensive ones, rather buy the least expensive to add value to your home.

However, the architectural designs of your house is what determines the type of cove lighting you’ll install — that further shows the  cost of cove lighting you’ll install.

Cost of Cove Lighting (Factors That Affect the Price) 

The costing of products by manufacturers depends on some factors. These factors are what guide the producer the amount to sell the product.

Likewise, the cost of cove lighting depends on many factors. Because cove lightings are manufactured by different manufacturers.

The design of a particular cove lighting isn’t the same with another model of cove lightning. Some cove lightings are more beautiful and sophisticated than other sets of cove lightings.

Here are some of the factors that determines how expensive/costlier cove lighting are:

  • Designs
  • Sizes
  • The brand 
  • Energy efficiency
  • Durability 
  • Easy to install
  • The level of its brightness

Designs — Cost Of Cove Lighting 

All Cove lightings are not designed the same way. Some are well designed than others. Different models of cove lighting come with different designs.

Some cove lighting is rectangular in shape, triangular in shape, spherical shape, narrow shape, and round shape. The more elegant and highly designed cove lighting is, the more expensive it will be.

The cost of designing a particular shape of cove lighting is different from the other shape of designs.

Designs play more role on how cove fighting distributes brightness. Some designs do affect the brightness.

Also, not all shapes of cove lighting you can mount on some certain places in the house. Cove lighting with more sophisticated designs are more expensive than those with just normal bub designs.

However, the shape and designs of your house will determine the cost of cove lighting you will mount. There are some cove lighting that when you mount it on the ceiling, it blends with the ceiling, while there are some that don’t blend in.

Some designs of cove lighting can’t be mounted on a ceiling or wall that has shouting paints. Because the shape of the design will disfigure the beauty of the wall.

Every brand designed their cove lighting the way it will make their brand significant out of many brands in the market.

The more quality is the designs of one particular brand the expensive the cove lighting it will be. 

Lifespan and How It Affects the Cost of Cove Lighting 

Cove lightings are not produced by the same producer, therefore they differ in terms of durability.

Some cove lightings last longer than some other cove lighting. The cost of purchasing cove lighting that lasts long is different from the one that doesn’t last longer.

Cove lightings from the same manufacturers of different models do differ in how long they can work. Some cove lighting is designed to last long, while there are some that don’t last long.

The reason why some cove lighting lasts longer than others is because of the materials used in production. Materials differ in terms of durability. 

However, the cost of cove lighting with longer lifespan is different from the one with shorter lifespan.

For example, the life expectancy of LED cove lighting is over 20,000 hours, while the lifespan of fluorescent cove lighting is below 20,000 hours.

Therefore, the cost of buying LED cove lighting is higher than the cost of fluorescent cove lighting. because the lifespan is different. The LED cove lighting lasts longer than fluorescent lighting.

Life expectancy does affect the cost price of cove lighting. So, prepare to pay higher when you need cove lighting with higher lifespan.

Cost Of Cove Lighting  — Size

The size of cove lighting is what determines the cost. Some cove lighting is short, while some are long. The cost of buying a short cove lighting is different from the cost to buy long ones.

There are some cove lighting that’re of bigger size as well small size. The bigger the cove lighting the higher the cost. The smaller the size of cove lighting the lower the cost.

The big size of cove lighting is designed for bigger space, while the smaller one is designed for small space. Though, you can use one of the bigg coves of lightning in a small space. 

Size is another factor that determines how expensive the cove lighting is. If you’re working with a low budget, then go for the small cove lighting. The small size has the capacity to light up the space.

Brand — Cost Of Cove Lighting 

Brand is another factor of consideration when searching for expensive and inexpensive cove lighting.

Different companies manufacturing cove lighting set in the cost price. The cost price is different because of the unique quality they offer.

The cost of production is different from one location to another. Also, the cost is affected by raw materials.

Some companies are closer to the raw materials, while others are not close. Company that’s situated in an area close to raw material will have inexpensive cove lighting than those far from  the raw materials.

However, I know that nearness to production materials is not the only factor that hiking the cost of cove lighting but it contributed to it.

The cost of labor differs from place to place. The company that produce cove lighting with cheaper labor will have 

The cost of cove lighting from a company that’s situated in an area where labor is affordable is different from those where labor is a bit expensive.

For example, the cost of a cove lighting from a company in China will be less expensive than from a company in the US. The difference in the cost is as result of the labor.

In the US, the cost laborers are more expensive than the cost of laborers in China. Laborers are more common in China than in the US. So, cove lighting from China is more less expensive than those in the US.

Government production policies are different from one location to another. If the government policy in a particular country is more favorable than the other, then the cost of their cover lighting will be cheaper than others.

Brands set their cove lighting based on the factors that are affecting their chain-producing line.

If the total cost for their chain-production line is high, automatically their cost of selling cove lighting will be high as well.

Energy Efficiency — Cost Of Cove Lighting 

Another factor that determines the cost of cove lighting is energy efficient. Some brands of cove lightings are not energy efficient, while some brands produce the highly energy efficient.

You can talk about the efficiency of a light bulb without the watts and lumen. Some types of lighting bulbs the bigger the watts the more energy they consume.

While some, the smaller the wattage the higher energy power it consume to produce the requires brightness. Energy efficiency is another manufacturers consider when setting up cost of cove lighting.

Cove lighting that’s energy efficient is more expensive than the ones which consume high energy. 

For example, Fluorescent cove lighting takes more energy than the LED cove lighting. LED cove lighting is more expensive than fluorescent cove lighting.

LED cove lighting cost price is higher because it takes lower energy, which means the energy bill to run LED cove lighting is low.

Types of Cove Lighting

Basically, there are 6 types of cove lighting out there in the internet and market:

  • Rope Cove Lighting 
  • Fluorescent Cove Lighting
  • Linear Cove Lighting
  • LED Cove Lighting 
  • Ceiling Cove Lighting 
  • Wall Cove Lighting 

LED Cove Lighting

The most expensive type of cove  lighting is LED cove lighting. It’s costlier to buy compared to other types of cove lighting like fluorescent cove lighting.

The cost of electricity required to run a LED cove lighting is cheaper than other types of cove lighting. However, it’s more expensive to buy.

Wall Cove Lighting

Wall cove lighting is more expensive than the LED cove lighting. It takes high electricity to run wall cove lighting.

Wall cove lighting is normally installed under a trim or wall lip and is normally directed downward to illuminate on walls. Wall cove lighting is an accent form of lighting that produces high brightness.

Rope Cove Lighting

Rope cove lighting is the cheapest and also the easy to install. However, rope cove lighting offers the least brightness and fixtures compared to other types of lighting.

Fluorescent Cove Lighting

Fluorescent cove lighting that uses T5 fluorescent tubes are more energy efficient compared to other fluorescent types of cove lighting.

The cost of fluorescent cove lighting is differ based on the fixture it has. The higher the fixtures the higher the purchase cost.


Cove lightings are a bit expensive. They are expensive because of the features built into them.

However, whatever is your budget there are cove lighting designs for it.

Cost of cove lighting ranges from lower to higher cost. If your budget can’t afford the expensive one you can afford the inexpensive one.

Inexpensive cove lighting is not inferior. The cost price is set based on the factors I discuss in this article.