Does Under Cabinet Lighting Add Value To The House?

Under cabinet lighting is the afterthought to most homeowners when renovating or building a house. Whereas is one of the important ways to add value to a home.

Lighting on its own  beautifies space and communicates special emotional feelings. It helps to increase productivity and enhance various visual views.

The light under the cabinet improves the ambiance and makes your kitchen or dining inviting and lovely. 

Does under cabinet lighting add value? 

The under cabinet lighting does add value to your home by increasing the visual appearance, the monetary value, and making it conducive for almost all domestic activities. It helps you to save money by using energy power bills.

Are you renovating, updating or building your home and you’re concerned about how to increase the interior value? Then under cabinet lighting is one of the ways you can use to create a lasting impression and increase the value of your home.

If your concern is how does under cabinet lighting add value to your home, in this article, you’ll learn various ways to use under cabinet lighting to improve your home.

Let’s get started.

Increase The Quality Of Lights

Under cabinet lighting increases the quality of interior lights in your space and enhances the outlook. It helps the lights specifically directed to the exact place it be needed in your kitchen — and on the countertop.

The under cabinet lighting in the kitchen helps to solve the problem of overhead lighting. The overhead lighting creates unnecessary shadow while working, which makes using a sharp knife become issues.

The under cabinet lights help to cast off shadow and make you have effective use of your kitchen by providing enough quality lighting. 

If you want to increase the amount of lighting quality that’ll create the desired brightness you need at your interior, then use fixed lights beneath your cabinet.

Energy Power Bill Cost Effective

The easiest way to have a low energy bill in your home is through the installation and use of under cabinet lights in your home. It helps you to save money via the use of energy efficient LED lights on your under cabinet.

Under cabinet lights are energy power economical because you can only switch on the lights you need for a particular space.

Likewise, you don’t need to turn on the complete lights in the kitchen when working except the lights you need to work with at the particular moment. 

The energy power saving bill becomes effective when you use LED lights in your under cabinet with a different switch. This is where you can easily control the lighting process and thereby save you money from the energy bill.

Under cabinet lighting does add value when it helps you to save that 1 dollar from the energy bill that you use in your house. 

The savings increases when you choose LED lighting bulbs at various places in your kitchen with different switches.

Adds Unique Style

Under cabinet lighting gives you the opportunity to customise and design your interior space with various colors of lights. The colors radiate excellent brightness that help to increase the value of your space.

The under cabinet lights add unique styles of lighting into your kitchen due to the layered aspect of the lights. The unique and modern style of lighting in your kitchen adds value to your home.

The under cabinet lighting gives a special view that increases the resale value. With under cabinet lights, your interior home will take up a new shape and make it standard. 

Easy to Install

Another undeniable benefit of under cabinet lights and the value it adds to your home are the fact that they are quite easy to configure and install. 

Even if you’re not in the middle of a kitchen renovation, installing this type of lighting isn’t an overly difficult task to complete. 

Unlike pendant or recessed lighting that may require professional installation, some under cabinet options only require you to screw or nail a strip of light underneath your cabinets and plug them in.

Or some require plug into a wall socket to get electricity energy to power the lights. Under cabinet lights are not just cost effective when it comes to beautifying your home interior space but it is easy and do it your method of improving it.

Under cabinet light fixtures can also be easy on your budget because you can install them yourself, and there are so many different varieties to choose from. Typically, the most affordable option are the battery-powered fixtures.

However, whichever fixture you choose to make your home exceptionally beautiful will definitely be easy on your budget and help you to save money in the long run.

It Adds Different Color Temperature And Brightness

When considering the type and style of under cabinet lighting, you’ll also want to consider the color temperature of the bulb. Different lighting bulbs are available in a different variety of color temperatures. 

The LED lights offer coolness with temperature that’s on the cooler end of the spectrum and the effect is sterile, the yellow color lights produce warmness and the room appears yellow. 

The type of color you choose should be based on the styles and the type of temperature you want to have. 

If your kitchen is designed predominantly with warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellow then you should choose warmer light. If your kitchen is designed with cooler color like grays, blues, greens, or white then go for cooler lighting.

It should also be noted that color temperature and brightness is not the same thing. You can have very bright, very warm lights, or very cool, very dim lights, or vice versa. 

Brightness will depend on part on how much lighting you install, and also the lumen value of the bulb. 

In a darker kitchen, you’ll want brighter lights, while in a kitchen with a bright white countertop, the lighting won’t need to be as bright because the countertop will reflect light making the room appear brighter.

It Produces Less Shadows

Because you are not standing between the light and the counter, there are very few shadows that you will have to deal with. Shadows may impede your ability to cook and prep meals, so having adequate lighting can be very helpful.

 People that love to cook will complain that they cannot see adequately when they are cooking on their countertops. 

Some of this is caused by the fact that you are standing in between the light and your counter. Adding lighting under your cabinets will give you a brighter cooking area to work on.

So, under cabinet lighting helps to improve and add value to your home by lessening the amount of shadows you have to deal with while making use of your kitchen.

Let’s take study on various types under cabinet lighting you can use to add value to your home either you want to innovate it or build.

There are three primary types of under cabinet lights:

  • Linear lighting
  • Puck lighting
  • Integrated lighting

Linear lights

Linear lights are basically what they sound like: a long strip of tiny bulbs attached to a slim casing or one single long bulb. The casing may be a tape, a rope, or a hard plastic or metal strip. 

Rope lights are good for longer sections while tape lights are good for unusually shaped sections.

Linear under cabinet lights are easy to install. Though, when there is an electrical power surge, it affects the whole lights that are under control of one switch.

Puck lights

Puck lights are slim, hockey-puck-sized disks. Puck lights are often battery powered and attached to the cabinets with a sticky film. This type of light is good for small spaces or areas without access to a plug. 

Pucks are small, round lights that concentrate the light into a small area. The lighting bar is rectangular and sheds light over larger areas.

The puck lights under the cabinet produce special types of lights with many colors that add to your space and make it beautiful.

Integrated lighting

The third type of under cabinet lighting is integrated lighting. Some cabinet manufacturers also supply integrated lighting systems designed specifically for their cabinets. 

This is the most seamless option but requires lights to be integrated into the cabinet for effective use.

Integrated lighting methods under cabinets give you the many options you can use to beautify your kitchen and increase its value.

What Is Under Cabinet Lighting?

The terminology of under cabinet lighting simply means lighting mounted on the underside of the upper wall cabinets. This is often called under counter lighting, however, that’s an incorrect term. 

You can also have under counter lighting, which would mean you mount a small strip of lights on the underside of the countertop. This type of lighting is purely decorative.

Also, it is a type of light fixture that is installed directly underneath your cabinets. This means, if you have this type of lighting you won’t have to worry about the shadow light created when you’re using perimeter countertops. 

Under cabinet lighting doesn’t only give efficiency to your kitchen tasks, but also adds depth perfect brightness to your kitchen. 

Under-cabinet lighting is a useful addition to any kitchen, and luckily there are many options to choose from.

These options (Linear under cabinet lights, puck under cabinet lights and integrated under cabinet lights) are available for you to choose from and add value to your kitchen. 


Now you know how under cabinet lighting will increase the value of your home, you can go ahead to beautify it with under cabinet lights.

The under cabinet lighting is affordable and easy to install. Its energy power cost-effective way to add value to your home without you having to spend so much.