Extremely Bright Floor Lamp: The Buyer’s Guide

Floor lamps are the thing of today. Unlike table lamps, they cannot be placed on a table since they are attributed to extremely tall jars.

This brings them to the user as similar to a standalone light. You will notice that the jar of a floor lamp stretches from the floor till halfway to the ceiling.

Floor lamps have their own perks such as:

  • Portable: They can be easily moved from one place to another across a room.
  • Intense brightness: These lamps have the potential to illuminate an area without the use of any other secondary light.
  • Décor: They can act as an amazing addition to your décor since they are available in a vast variety of shapes & designs. This makes them suitable for differentially themed interiors.

Tips for buying a floor lamp

Here we mention some essential tips that you must consider before selecting a floor lamp.

a). You must have a proper budget: Floor lamps have a huge range of price, which can often be confusing & you wouldn’t like to whack your head on selecting from tons of lights. Having a budget would help you focus on a segment of lamps, hence helping you take an informed decision.

b). Décor: Floor lamps could be so appealing, that you would probably buy one blindly without considering the theme it bears. If it is not compatible with the theme of your décor, then all those shillings go in vain. Thus, it is important to pay regards to your décor before purchasing a lamp.

This article will enumerate some of the most efficient & beautiful floor lamps, with a constructive review of the each.

Kraftinn Tattva floor lamp

tattva floor lamp

Unlike regular lamps, Kraftin Tattva is cylindrical in shape. It is uniquely designed with a beautiful Indian texture. The lamp has a stringed lampshade giving it a rich look. It would be an ideal device for your rustic living room. It also gives immensely bright illumination. It is crafted with bamboo & wood.

Some other specifications are mentioned below:

  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Diameter: 17 cm
  • Batteries required: Not required

Besides, this product has been critically reviewed by its customers.  Most of them have shown satisfaction with the product.

The product has received admiration for its look & charm. Yet, the company has compromised on the quality of the product, where there is no bulb/light included & concerns over the fragility of the bulb holder.

Tu casa LG-899 floor lamp

floor lamp

You can place this beautiful floor lamp in any corner of your house. It comes with a red drum lampshade offering a premium look.

This floor lamp provides enough light to illuminate a specific area if not the brightest in the lot, thus fulfilling both the criterion of being bright. It is ideal for contemporary themed houses.  

The unique selling point of this lamp exists in its design, which is vastu friendly, radiating a positive energy for your house. Further details have been listed below:

  • Height: 140 cm
  • Length: 25 cm
  • Width: 25 cm
  • Colour: Red
  • Wattage: 220 Watts

This product is relatively new in the market, hence has failed to receive many reviews. But, tu casa being a popular company would surely live up to our expectations through this product.

Elegant designs LF1002-BLK

Elegant Designs

Elegant designs has produced quiet an appealing product. It has made it to this list for its creative crystal drop design. This lamp has characteristics of both a traditional chandelier & a modern day floor lamp.

Its speciality lies in the compatibility it posses with different interior themes. It is finished with a pretty chrome layer adding that additional glare.

It is popular among its customers because it has a highly premium finish, value for money & utility.

Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Torchiere floor lamp

Despite having a simple look, it completely adapts to your décor. The speciality of this lamp lies in its efficient design, making it one of the easiest floor lamps to operate. It provides heavy brightness.

On a special note, this lamp has a rotating head, helping you to focus light in a specific direction & on a particular spot.

Nonetheless, this lap also has the brightness control panel, which would help you to adjust the brightness of your room. Other technical details have been enlisted below

  • Power: 30-Watt power saving LED lights
  • Colour variants: – Jet Black, dark bronze, brushed nickel, sleek white & platinum silver.
  • Weight: – 13-pound base

A brief summary of all the customer reviews would include abundance of lighting options. It throws away immensely high amount of light.

People have complemented its sleek look & overall built quality. On a negative side, there is a probability of receiving a defective piece.

Craffter Tripod lamp

This is a unique looking floor lamp. It is decent & well built for the price you are getting it for. On the contrary to other lamps listed here, the lampshade is mounted on a wooden tripod base, giving it a splendid appearance.

The lamp comes with a light brown drum shade, making it appropriate for rustic & non-contemporary settings.  It sheds pale yet pleasing light.

There are some other details which have been mentioned below:

  • Colour: – Light brown
  • Material: – Mango wood
  • Light: E-27 Bulb
  • Wire length: – 2.5 meters

Out of the reviews it received, the lamp has scored well for its design & functionality. Customers are content with the amount of light it sheds and has also appreciated its physical appearance. But there are some concerns soaring about its durability, internal quality & after sales service.


All the floor lamps mentioned above are available in the market. They have their own benefits & disadvantages.

You must analyze all their features before taking a decision. Taking an informed decision would help you utilize the investment effectively with a fruitful product in your dwelling.