Is Flood Light Waterproof (Important Facts & FAQs)

Flood lights Are strong and powerful lights that you can install in your outdoors to keep your house safe and secured at night?

Flood light is designed to produce high-quality brightness. A reliable light that you can count on any time. 

It’s an ideal light for outdoor signage/billboards, factories, yards, garage, stadiums, park or any storage area that needs clear visibility like the day time.

Yes, Flood light is waterproof. Flood light is among the highest outdoor lights that’s waterproof. The ingress protection of flood light is IP65, which makes it one of the best waterproof outdoor lights for security to your vicinity at night.

Read on to discover everything about flood light that’ll help you make a better buying decision. 

What Material Is Used To Produce Flood Light?

flood light

Flood lights are waterproof because of the type material they are made from. These sets of light are made from high-durable material with high water resistance.

The material also makes it dissipate heat easily and make the light casing look new at all times.

It has an effective prolong lifespan case that can withstand any outdoor weather conditions and indoor elements. 

The flood light casing is produced with a fully aluminum alloy die-casting case that has the capacity to tolerate any heat all times.

The inner panel is produced with steel that offers efficient and evenly distribution of light around the area it’s installed. The panel is highly-sealed that prevents water from getting inside.

The inner steel panel doesn’t rust irrespective how severe the weather condition of the environment it be installed. 

Flood light aluminum case is manufactured to be dust proof. Dust hardly gets inside the light, even when it gets inside it doesn’t affect the steel panel rather the direction of the light.

The light case is aluminum-plastic designed to last long and deliver high quality brightness you desire at your outdoor.

Flood light comes with tempered glass that can’t easily get break when it falls down. The tempered glass is plastic-glass built to keep the light in good shape for a long time.

The flood light waterproof feature is IP65, that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can comfortably install it in the bathroom, kitchen, garden, basement, eaves, and driveway.

Flood light uses an outdoor bulb light of Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR38) model for it to effectively produce the quality of brightness that’s like daylight.

The brightness that flood light produces has no UV, IR, and mercury.

Does Flood Light Produce Sufficient Brightness?

Flood lights produce excellent sufficient brightness that cover almost 10150lm with over 100lm/w luminous efficiency. The high degree of brightness that flood light offers make it to be for security light at different places.

The flood light at the outdoor, factory, stadium, parks, and other public places help to solve the issue of light in that particular place. And it fully meets the needs and the purpose for installation.

The  brightness that flood light gives helps to cast away shadow. It removes dizzy light and provides you with excellent bright light that looks like natural daylight.

It has an angle beam of 120 degree and also 120 degree flood beam angle. It has the capacity to illuminate a range of area 71 to 179 sq .

When the flood light is hung on a height of 16ft to 22ft, it has the capacity to produce 75 to 150 lux and cover an area of 71 to 119 sq. For a height of 26ft to 32ft the area coverage is 143sq to 179sq and offers a maximum bright of 50 to 75 lux at night.

This area coverage makes it an excellent light for security for outdoors. Flood light produces sufficient brightness that makes your outer space lively and to keep away unauthorized people.

Flood light is a perfect light for security with up to 87% Energy Saving power. The light produces a high efficacy of 107LM/W, 150W equivalent to a traditional bulb. 

Is Flood Light Dimmable?

The high-brightness that flood light produces doesn’t affect the dimmable feature of the light. It has an additional dimmable feature that you can use to regulate or control the light to suit your condition.

Flood light has an excellent dimmable feature that has an internal self control system when the light is switched on.

It comes with smooth dining capacity bulb light designed to reduce the cost of energy power bill when it’s in use.

The dimming feature makes it produce sunlight-like quality for excellent color rendering to meet the demand of any decor or mood. It’s highly durable because of the dimming feature. 

The dimming feature works an interval of every 2 hours, though you can adjust it to suit your desire based on your needs.

What Is The Lifespan Of Flood Light?

How long do flood lights last?

Flood light has a maximum lifespan ranging from 40 to 50 years with 50,000 hours. It can work continuously without stopping for years and develop no fault.

Flood light is among the strong outdoor lights with a high lifespan and good number of hours it works without stopping.

Unlike fluorescent light that generates a lot of heat, the floof light has low operating temperature, which makes it last long.

Is Flood Light Energy efficient?

Flood light is designed to be highly energy efficient because of the features built into it that make the operation simple  and easy.

It has the ability to switch from the traditional light to modern LED flood lights. The process of switching it saves 88% of energy consumption.

Another advantage of the switch mode is that it saves you from paying extra energy bills consumption.

The switch mode allows selt dim control that produces the exact quality light of brightness you need at any moment.

The flood light comes with a color rendering index (CRI) that makes the object and surface look the same way it is during sunlight.

Flood light has an 80% color rendering index compared to sunlight, which makes objects realistic.

The light comes up as soon as you switch it on. It doesn’t require any warm-up time or cooling down to stay in operation. It has an instant on effect as soon as the switch is turned on.


Flood lights are eco-friendly lights that don’t produce any toxic waste product and it leaves no carbon footprint. 

The flood light comes with a motion sensor, which makes it turn on and off automatically any time the sensor is in activation.

It’s sensor functions both indoor and outdoor. The outdoor weather conditions don’t affect the function of the sensor. 

The sensor makes it possible for the flood light to work with a timer. You can time the light when you want it to turn on and off. This function also makes the light bulb last long.

Low Maintenance 

Flood light has low maintenance and one-time investment that will not break your bank account. 

After the initial purchasing cost, you’ll only once in a while for like a year change the tube lights, corn lamp or sometimes carry out general cleaning.

Invariably, flood light has low maintenance cost when you install it at your outdoor, factories, park, garage and any other public place.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Flood Light

There are few factors you put in place before you buy flood light, hence it will not serve the purpose you want. 

Putting these factors in check, will help you maximise the brightness that flood light has to offer at any point in time.

Let’s get started with the factors.

1). Location

The location you will install floor light will determine if it is able to cover the entire area you want it to cover.

You don’t just buy flood light, but which position do you want it to be in your house.

Do you want to place it on the building, wall, from the ceiling or somewhere else?

The location you want to place it will determine the size and mode of flood light you will buy to better serve you.

2). Beam Angle

The size of the area you want to cover is what determines the beam angle. 

There are flood lights that have one directional brightness, that is focused at one place, while there are some that have wider space coverage. 

However, whichever one you want a flood light with beam angle of 120 degree will perfectly meet your needs.

3). Detection Angle

If you need flood light with a detection angle, then go for any one that has a sensor.

Flood light with a standard sensor-based serve as a detective angle. The flood light will work when a person or animal is directly in front of the light.

The anti-creep floodlights on the other hand work even when the target is standing on the sides of the light. 

4). Lumens

The level of brightness you choose to have will determine how many lumen you will install. 

Flood light produces high brightness that keeps intruders at bay. Therefore the more brightness you require, the more lumens you will go for. 


Flood lights are specifically designed to be waterproof because of the weather conditions they are constantly exposed to. 

Flood light is built to produce high brightness that makes objects real and unartificial at night. 

Flood light is a security light that helps to keep intruders at bay and make you have clear visibility at night, why you enjoy your sleep and do some work at night.