How Do You Light The Front of A House? (A Practical Guide)

Proper lighting takes skill. Simply placing lights haphazardly in front of your house will not bring out the beauty of your home.

There are tested lighting methods that are guaranteed to send chills up your spine upon every glance.

Lights affect our emotions. You might have discovered that you smile more often on sunny days, and your creativity is sharpened when the lights are dimmed down.

Blue lights make us feel energetic — lights even affect our appetite and food choices.

Hence, it is essential that the lighting in front of your house is welcoming. If you come home to a dark frontage continuously, your mood will be affected negatively. By lighting up the front of your home, your mood will be heightened each time you return home from work.

As we stated earlier, proper lighting takes skill. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to light up the front of your home.

Things You Have to Consider

According to TheHouseShop, certain vital features will determine the type of light that is suitable for your home. These features will make it easier for you to select lighting that will bring out your frontage’s beauty.


While the lighting in front of your home can heighten your moods and make it easier for you to complete tasks while at home, lighting can also serve other purposes, the lighting in front of your home can be used to enhance security.

The goal is to fix lights that will keep your home secure and welcome visitors. Most people assume that light is light, and it does not matter how you select them. This opinion is very wrong; consider the role of motion sensor lighting systems. 

These lights are designed to turn on automatically when movement is detected. While these devices will make your home secure, they are not welcoming to visitors.

You need to select a lighting pattern that offers both security and comfort. 

Dual lighting systems are the way to go if you want to accomplish both goals. One such technique is the walleye. These lights are mounted underneath steps and along retaining walls. 

There are numerous dual lighting systems for you to choose from. Place your lights in a way that they welcome your visitors and maintain safety around your compound. 

You can place the lights at strategic locations such as; the edges of your property, the path from your car to your front door, and the way from your yard to your sidewalk to your front door.


The key to perfect lighting is balance. The front of your home will be layered with ambient light, accent light, security light, and decorative light. Your role is to form a balance between all these light sources. 

The lighting in the form of your house has to follow a pattern that allows each light to function without impeding other light sources’ beauty and operations. Your security lighting is meant to make your property safe and guide visitors to your front door. 

It will help if you position these lights so that they perform these functions without impeding other light sources. They are not meant to be too shouty nor dim.

If your property is adorned with artifacts, sculptures, or art, you will need to select accent lights that will focus on these particular objects. Ambient lights are equally important; these lights will heighten visitors’ emotions as they approach your door.

Decorative lights are like the jewelry of your lawn. It will make your lawn sparkle and shine. However, you must keep these lights low in wattage to ensure that they do not take away the appeal of other lights within your lawn.

More Isn’t Always Better.

According to Utah lights, more is not always better. There will be numerous light bulbs in front of your home. The goal is to make these lights work in harmony and not to illuminate the front of your home blindly. This is why light is not just light; there is a pattern you have to follow while setting up the lighting for your home.

For instance, you can fix floodlights in your yard, and it will display the beauty of your yard and keep it safe. The only problem is that these lights will not add to the aesthetic appeal of your yard. 

They are not attractive alone; they are merely guiding your visitors to the beautiful sections of your house. You want to select lights that add to the beauty of your home.

Selecting lights with higher watts is not always the better option. 

You have to combine different light sources by adding beauty to the front of your house. Select lighting that works in line with the architectural design of your home.

How To Light up the Front of Your House 

According to home generosity, there are five ways to light up your front door. Here are the five outdoor lighting techniques that will boost the appearance of your home’s front when it’s dark outside.

Front Door Illumination

Before we discuss your front door illumination, we have to consider traffic patterns. In this sense, traffic refers to the paths people use to get to the front of your house and the sections in front of your home where people’s tasks are carried out regularly. 

You need to identify these traffic locations and light them up properly. While lighting up these traffic locations, you have to keep two things in mind. The lights are meant to guide people to their destinations and eliminate shadows. 

This will help you select the appropriate lights. Besides walking paths, another part of your compound that will experience traffic is task locations. You need to install very bright lights at these locations to ensure that people can perform their tasks with convenience.

Key traffic locations include gate latches, front door knobs, and garage door handles. Many homeowners don’t pay enough attention to lighting the front entrance to their homes. 

It would help if you used outdoor lights to form a focus that guides the minds of people to your main door – it’s your guests’ first impression of your home, and surely you would like them to feel warmly welcomed. 

What’s more, proper front door lighting increases your home security; it is not advisable to answer the door in the dark to unexpected visitors. Wall sconces, hanging porch lights, or outdoor lanterns are often the most suitable light sources for the front of your home. 

Make sure you highlight your home’s house number; this will make it easier for people to locate your home at night.

From Pavement to the Front Door

Make sure you illuminate every step, or a minimum of every other stage, of your garden path to minimize trip and slip accidents within the dark. 

Anything unusual in your garden design – different walkway levels, low walls, ponds, or any architectural quirks – should have additional lighting. This will help lead your visitors from the road down to your doorstep.

Choose recessed ground lights, wall lighting, or outdoor column lighting to punctuate your front garden. Here’s a pleasant range of post lights, bollard lights, and lanterns that might be perfect for this purpose.

Spotlight on Garden Plants

You can create drama and spark visitors’ interest in your garden just by using your existing plants as a base. Search for structured, architectural plants that will easily be transformed into a visible spectacle with uplighters’ inserted at the plant’s bottom. 

Yucca and agave plants are great examples. Use soft lighting to point out off-garden foliage and make an inviting atmosphere and supply only enough illumination to ascertain where you’re going.

Consider using the trees in your garden as ‘stage rigging’ by attaching lights high within the tree to spotlight beautiful flower beds or interesting architectural features below. If the lights are positioned to shine down, through the tree’s leaves and branches, creating exciting contrasts between light and dark.

Exterior Garage Lighting

Illuminating the front of your garage isn’t merely an issue of favor and aesthetics; it’s a matter of private safety too. Everyone will prefer to walk from your house to your garage (or vice versa) in the dark, aided by proper lighting instead of pitch darkness.

Whether you select bright fittings with a high lumen output or a floodlight with a PIR sensor that’s activated by movement, place one above the garage door (or one on either side). This also works well as a burglar deterrent.

Security Lighting

It’s a popularly known and indisputable fact that well-lit houses make it harder for any thief to gain access undetected. 

Burglars love shadows and dark nooks and crannies where they will hide – don’t make it easy for them! Install a right sort of exterior light around the house and garden, including some with motion sensors, and you’re bound to make any opportunist criminal feel most unwelcome.

Security lights don’t need to be utilitarian. Most lighting suppliers will have a good range of designs and styles available that combine appealing looks with high-security measures, so you’re sure to find something that enhances the design of your home.


This article discussed the best ways in which you can light up the front of your home.

It explained the critical factors you need to consider and discussed the best-suited lights you can use for your home.