Top 10 lampshade Styles And Shapes

You cannot deny the fact that lighting is the most integral part of defining the décor of a place. It sheds value on the ambiance, mood & visibility in a closed place.

Hence, it has become of great importance today. Table lamps, a common form of lighting originated at the end of 18th century. Their primary use was for illuminating a specific area. The evolution in their design has made a significant impact on how we perceive their utility.

This article will provide brief discussions on the top 10 lampshade shapes & styles. Below is the list of the most popular & convincing lampshade designs as mentioned in the scope of the article above.

Gallery Shades

Closely depicting the time, these Victorian themed shades come in various sizes. It is your personal choice to select an appropriate size. As its name itself suggests, gallery shades are essentially made for long alleyways, art galleries or libraries. Perhaps one can also use them in bedrooms & other closed places.

These lamps are pot shaped & come in diverse designs & patterns. You can opt for them if you find a paucity of that small historic influence at your place. Nonetheless, if this does not suffice, you can choose from the others below.

 Scallop Shades

If you are a fan of those fancy lampshades with a curtained effect & creative embroidery, then this one’s for you. Scallop shades are primarily tasseled shades which have a distinct contour on their openings.

These contours are uniquely shaped providing an appealing glare. No one can deny the fact that these shades would suit large closed yet open spaces like a huge hall or an expanded dining room. These lampshades are better suited in larger sizes. Perhaps you need to shell out those extra bucks as a compromise towards heightened décor.

Drum shades

Loaded with elegance, drum shades are known for providing a neat finish to your bedroom. They are fabricated without any fancy embroidery. Its simplicity is what makes it unique, giving a subtle edge to your room. Drum shades are overtly modern if used without any customizations.

They are ready to use & are compatible with most of the lamp jars. As a matter of fact, you can also get the drums customized with artwork, paint or textures but at your own risk.

Today drum lampshades are also being used in the form of pendant lighting. Having these drums as the pendants might be worth a try.

Empire shades

Empire shades are one of the oldest & the most commonly used lampshades. They were highly a trend during the 19th-century French national movement & it seems the history is being repeated. It consists of two unequal openings with a sloping surface which gives a funnel type of effect.

Their abundance in the in different designs & sizes has brought them to the mainstream competition. Empire shades are can be easily modified & undoubtedly, they would give a charming look to your décor. 

Barrel Shades 

Confused between the modern drum shades & equally appealing empire shades? Well, barrel shades are a hybrid solution having its spot between the contemporary drum shades & the latter being traditional.

Barrel shades are moreover cylindrical, but it has a slight slope, giving it an attribute of both aforementioned designs. Adding to their perks, they can be placed in any setting. Moreover, they are most suited with tall column jars, but that does not restrict you from trying out new innovations.

Chinese Lampshades

Chinese lampshades are remarkable for their soothing design & colors. They are different from any normal lampshade since they are usually in a cubic shape. They could be used without a lamp jar allowing them to be suspended as pendants from the ceiling.

Chinese lampshades indicate rich cultural inclination & a vivid indication towards moral values & ethics. They usually come in red colors with natural work inscribed on them.

This work is highlighted as a silhouette when the bulb is lighted. Chinese restaurants are a place where they can be installed. It is one of my personal favorites. 

Octagonal shades

An octagonal shade is a slight modification to the square lampshade, where you just add another couple of edged pairs. The impact of this modification reflects a huge difference.

The square lampshade, being modern & elegant is totally contradicting with an octagonal shade with an appealing rustic look. These shades usually arrive with intensive artwork & clustered patterns, making them appropriate for large hallways & indoor open spaces.

Bell Shades

Bell shades are soft-sided shades closely resembling a three-dimensional version of a two-dimensional bell. Its beauty lies in its simple & often blank design.

The lampshade represents femininity, beauty, grace & wisdom. It is available in tons of different sizes, making it one of the most demanded shapes in the market. You can use them with ginger jars.

Half shades

Half shades are the trending among most interior designers. They provide an elegant look to your wall. As the name tells, half shades lack their other half.

They are mounted on a wall, with a bulb as the source of light. This is an amazing alternative to traditional table lamps. To further advantage, it saves up your space.

Half shades can be brilliantly designed with a variety of patterns, shapes, and textures. You must note that these half shades cannot be mounted on a traditional lamp jar, rather are used with the support of the adjacent wall.

Knife Pleat shades

Knife pleat shades are also one of its kind shades. They are not attributed to any specific shape, but you can identify them through the peculiar design they possess.

Alongside their length, there are slits in the fabric which provide a naturally stripped appearance on certain lampshades such as drum, empire & round. It is best to use them without any further customizations.


As we near to the end of this article, it is hoped that you have reaped some information about different types of lampshades. Undoubtedly, this article just acts as a background overview & the ultimate decision of choice solely lies in your hands.