Do LED Bulbs Work Well In Projector Headlights? (Yes… If)

Are you considering using LED bulbs in your projector headlights and you’re not too sure if they will work well? 

Then, you have nothing to worry about because you’re about to discover why most people prefer using LED lights in their projector headlights.

There are different brands of lights but the one that works best on projector headlights is LED bulbs. 

Over the years I have used LED bulbs in my projector headlights and there has never been any cause for regrets of any kind.

Here’s what I know:

LED bulbs work well in projector headlights because they emit high brightness that make projector headlights work well. Also, LED bulbs are designed to withstand any outer space weather conditions and are energy power efficient.

LED bulbs work perfectly well with the projector headlights features and fixtures that makes most people use it.

Why Are LED Bulbs Prefer In Projector Headlights?

LED bulbs are preferred in project headlights because of the many features built into them. 

Projector headlights are a recent way of housing LED light bulbs to offer excellent brightness without any diverging in the brightness that’ll affect driving and other incoming vehicles. 

Projector headlight consists of light set inside a metal bowl, mirrored reflectors, a shutter, and a lens. The enhancement is to have more focus lights that aid driving at night to become enjoyable.

The lens in the headlight house functions to help intensify the beam of light, while the shutter works to make the focus and cut off any haphazard beams.

LED bulbs are preferred because they’re designed to produce quality brightness. They’re far above 200% brighter than standard halogen bulbs, which are of the same wattage.

Considering the brightness LED bulbs produce, they’re definitely better and preferred to be used in projector headlights than any other traditional lights like the halogen.

Apart from producing the higher brightness, the LED bulbs last longer. LED bulbs have over 30,000 hours lifespan. 

LED light bulbs are high energy efficient consumption bulbs you can install on projector headlights. LED bulbs are built to help you save money.

LED bulbs are more energy consumption efficient compared to incandescent light bulbs. They help to reduce the amount of energy the headlight consumes. 

The low consumption energy of LED lights doesn’t affect the brightness rate. Irrespective of voltage LED bulbs are designed to function, they still produce high brightness.

LED bulbs are durable because they’re manufactured from high-quality materials like aluminum with durable panels.

However, LED bulbs are disadvantageous when you speed because they lack long distance projection, which means that LEDs can have potentially fatal consequences.

Can I Use LED Bulbs In Reflector Headlights?

Reflector headlights are quite different from projector headlights. They both function differently. The process at which lights beams comes out of reflector headlights are different from projector headlights.

Projector headlights contain shutter and customised lenses that control the direction of brightness that the bulbs offer.

Projector headlights emit beams that are more focused and directional to the point that is set to work on without any divergence of brightness.

Unlike the projector headlights, reflector headlights emit wider light beams that lack focus. Reflector headlights produce scatter lights, which also dazzle the income driver’s eyes.

LED bulbs offer high brightness that when fixed on reflector headlights it brightens a wider space without you achieving the purpose of installation.

Reflector headlights are typically designed for halogen bulbs. LED bulbs are not wise to be used on reflector headlights. 

However, you can use a halogen bulb on the reflector headlight when you want to illuminate a long distance. 

 You can’t use LED bulbs for reflector headlights because of the way reflector headlights emit beams of lights.

The halong bulbs are designed with long distance beams that project more further than the LED bulbs.

Though, for safety purposes, the LED bulb on project headlights offer maximum safety because of the more focus beam it produces.

The best light bulbs for reflector headlights are halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs offer long forward seeing distance for the driver to react to an object in the road and to stop in time.

For safety purposes, don’t use LED bulbs in reflector headlight because it is designed with foreground feature beams with highly-focus beams.

Why Are LED Bulbs Preferred To Halogen Bulbs In Projector Headlights?

LED bulbs have over the years gained technology improvement. They have improved in efficiency whereby most of the electrical power is given out as brightness.

Mainly, LED bulbs are over 20 times more energy efficient than any traditional light bulb like the halogen, incandescent, and fluorescents lights. 

LED bulbs are designed to maximise the 12V habitation battery capacity of your motorhome. With the 12V battery it is built  to produce better light than most of other traditional light bulbs in the market.

Most of the LED bulbs are built to be effective under cold, therefore you’re not worried over your light bulb getting burned out during winter.

LED bulbs are preferred because of the significant features built into them. The light bulbs are the most effective light distribution light bulb when they are installed in the projector headlight.

Using LED bulbs light on your motorhome projector headlights helps you to save money from energy efficiency consumption. 

LED bulbs hardly burn-out compared to halogen bulbs. The LED bulbs are designed to last 50,000 hours and there are some designed to last more than 50,000 hours.

LED bulbs produce more focus light beams that make visibility clear to drivers. The angle beam of the led light bulb is 360 degree, which means the light is designed to focus on the road. 

The nature of lights LED bulbs offer are like natura daylights. The bulbs emit low amounts of heat with maximum brightness compared to halogen bulb lights.

Without compromise, LED bulbs are designed to be in projector headlight because it has a shutter that controls the direction of the light. Also, the light bulbs come with lenses that maximise the intensity of the light brightness.

LED bulbs are more preferable to be in projector headlights because you hardly get disappointed when using it.

Most of the LED bulbs are designed with dim features. The dimm feature helps you to regulate the brightness it emits and as well makes it to last longer than any other traditional light bulbs.

Some of the LED light bulbs when fixest in projector headlights have steady low light that’s always on. Mostly the steady low light is called a parking light when you’re on the road trying to quickly pick up something.

Most of the traditional lights like the halogen don’t have dim features nor the steady low parking light like the LED light bulbs.

The steady low parking lights makes LED light bulbs to be durable and produce high lumens when turned on to full light. 

LED bulbs are one of the most durable and energy consumption efficient lights you can install in projector headlights.

LED bulbs are very easy to fix in projector headlights. The bulbs are in different designs and styles. However, each bulb has a simple way of fixing it into a projector headlight.

You don’t need the service of a professional when you want to fix LED light bulbs in projector headlights. The bulls are designed with an easy fixture method. 

Take a look at the bulb you will see how easy and simple for you to fix it into projector headlights.

Types Of LED Bulbs You Can Use On Projector Headlight

Here various brands of LED bulbs that you can install on projector headlight. These brands of LED  light bulbs are durable and shine brighter.

Here are the different brands of LED light bulbs you can use on projector headlight.

SEALIGHT Xenower LED Headlight Bulbs

SEALIGHT Xenower LED headlight bulb is designed to function with 6000 kelvin white light. 

The light offers better brightness compared to halogen when installed on projector headlights. 

SEALIGHT Xenower is built with the newest technology that makes it 300% shine brighter than other traditional lights.

It is designed with an easy fixture that makes it easy for you to fix it into the vehicle. It has excellent beam light that is more directional on the road.

The light bulb has a cooling feature that increases the lifespan. So, the light bulb can last for 50,000 hours. 

SEALIGHT Xenower light bulbs are designed to withstand any weather conditioned out there. Likewise, the light bulbs don’t interfere with any radio transmission. 

Installing SEALIGHT Xenower LED light on your projector headlights makes you driving at night enjoy it because of its capacity to emit quality brightness that doesn’t affect incoming vehicles.

Marsauto LED Headlight Bulbs 12000lm

Marsauto LED lights for projector headlight bulbs are designed with advanced LED chips that make them produce higher brightness.

An effective LED light bulb for projector headlight that’s highly reliable. It has the capacity to brighten up an area of 360 degree.

The bulbs are weatherproof, dustproof, and shockproof that is produced with quality materials.

The material makes users not worry about any tear and wear because the light bulbs is highly durable and robust.

Marsauto LED headlight bulb 12000lm has dual cooling mechanism and an aluminum heat sink. Also it has a cooling fan. These cooling models combined together contributed the features that make the bulb last long.

The dual-cooling design ensures you can use them for long hours. You need not have to worry about turning them off due to high temperatures. Also, the dual cooling feature reduces maintenance.

Marsauto LED light bulb has life span of 50,000 hours. So, installing these light bulbs into projector headlights save you from paying a higher bill.


LED bulbs work well in projector headlights because of the features built into it.

The light bulbs are more focused than any other traditional light bulbs.

LED light bulbs are energy efficient light bulbs that you can use on your projector headlight.