How To Light A Balcony Without Outlets? (A Quick Guide)

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Do you want to know how to light a balcony without outlets possible? Then, read because you’re in the right place.  

You can light a balcony without an outlet. There are ways you can actually beautify your balcony without you having any wiring outlet.

It’s possible to light a balcony with the use of these lighting fixtures: 

  • Battery operated lighting 
  • Bluetooth operated lights
  • Battery-powered outlet
  • Wireless LED motion sensor lights 

These are some of the methods you can use to provide light in your balcony without using any electrical outlet that requires wiring.

Whether you’re renovating or building a house this guide will definitely help you to light your balcony. To many it’s difficult to achieve, while some people the light will not serve the purpose it meant for when there is no outlet. 

It’s not difficult and does serve the purpose it meant for when is properly connected with quality fixtures. Lighting your balcony is important but making it appealing and enticing to the viewer is one major aspect people usually ignore.

If you’re wondering how to light a balcony without an outlet, we shall explain the following method above in detail. 

Let’s dive into how to light a balcony without an outlet.

Bluetooth Outdoor String Lights 

balcony light

Without any light outlet in your balcony, Bluetooth outdoor string lights will help get the outdoor light on. The Bluetooth switch lights are designed to withstand any weather conditions outdoors and are highly resistant to electric shocks.

These sets of balcony lights are energy efficient and stylish designed with sparkly material that make your balcony exceptionally stand out.

At night these types of lights illuminate your backyard in an excellent way. You have the option to control the lights wherever you’re in your house, once the Bluetooth sensor covers the distance.

The lights are rechargeable, which is an additional feature. They are robust and create perfect ambience in the backyard.

The Bluetooth outdoor string lights make it possible for you to light up your balcony without a wire outlet. Portable light you can easily move from the rechargeable point in your home to the location at your balcony.

The light is built with a dimmable feature that allows you to control the amount of brightness that suits your active and offers different colors as you use the dimmeable feature.

Controlling your balcony lights from anywhere in your home requires you to download the Bluetooth app on your smartphone. The app will give you access to control the lights from anywhere you are in your in whatever way you want it to be.

The Bluetooth controlled light is made possible with Bluetooth mesh technology, which allows you to use the various lights feature configure straight from your phone. 

The controlled distance of these Bluetooth outdoor string lights is 60 ft to 80 ft. With this distance, you can comfortably control the lights from indoors.

Bluetooth outdoor string light makes it possible for you to comfortably light your balcony light without the use of a wiring outlet. 

The Bluetooth helps you to save money because wiring will completely be done away with. This is the easiest way to make your light up your balcony.

Solar Outdoor Chandelier


Solar outdoor chandelier is built to give your balcony a special touch and with a high edifies. It makes the balcony look spectacular and increases the value.

Solar outdoor chandelier is designed to function without the use of an electrical wire outlet, which makes it look neat and clean.

Highly sealed treated rechargeable solar battery that is built to withstand the outdoor weather conditions. It lasts for 8 hours when it’s fully charged under the sun for 16 hours. 

The lifespan of rechargeable solar batteries ranges from 2 to 8 year. This range depends on the grade you bought and the manufacturing company couple with the usage. 

Solar outdoor chandelier is a perfect light for a balcony that you can hang anywhere in your balcony to beautify your home. It emits excellent brightness that enhances the visibility of your view.

Solar outdoor chandeliers give you an opportunity for you to design chandeliers that will best fit your balcony. The solar outdoor chandelier is designed with eco-friendly lights that help you to beautify your outdoor.

Solar outdoor chandeliers help you to light your balcony without any wire outlet. Highly cost-effective light that doesn’t require you to break your bank account. 

Once you set-up the light, you’re good to go as far as it exposes to where the sun can possibly recharge the battery, then light will work.

Battery Operated Outdoor Lights

The battery operated outdoor lights are produced to give soft, low-voltage that give quality lumens that’s appealing to the eyes. 

The set of balcony lights are designed to be waterproof and solar power without bothering yourself with energy bills. Battery operated lights are stylish lights you can use to give your outdoors the best outlook.

Standard power battery operated lights for the balcony with a guarantee of excellent brightness for your outdoors. It has a dimmable feature with different colors that best suit you while receiving natural breeze.

With battery operated balcony lights, you save yourself from the purchasing cost and stress of running extension wiring cord.

The battery has the capacity to last complete 4 days before you can recharge it. It’s energy efficient when charging it and you can easily remove it from the balcony to recharge.

Battery operated balcony lights are built to reduce the cost of constructing an electricity outlet at your balcony. Its fixtures make it easy and simple to fit anywhere at your home balcony. 

Battery operated lights are an affordable and durable modern way of lighting up your balcony without you creating any hole or running wire in your home war. 

The only challenge with battery operated lights is that you’re required to charge it at least once in a week. Unlike the solar outdoor lights that use the sun to recharge the battery. 

When you change it for a maximum of 2 hours, you can use it for one week or less depending on the company and the type of battery cell you purchase. 

Battery operated light for a balcony is the easiest way to provide lights at your balcony without having to break your bank account.

Wireless LED Motion Sensor Lights

Wireless lights are built to emit excellent brightness. It offers better visibility at the balcony. 

The wireless LED motion sensor lights are designed to enhance your balcony and create security. It makes the balcony conducive and pleasurable.

The LED motion makes it easy for you to choose different levels of brightness and colors that’ll best make your balcony comfortable.

The sensor makes it easy for you to operate the light at anywhere in your home. At a distance of 16 to 20 feets you can still control the light. You conveniently operate the light with the use of a remote.

It’s remote makes it flexible for you to choose different levels of lighting that will best meet your needs at any moment.

The LED motion sensor lights are waterproof and have the capacity to withstand any weather conditions. It has adjustable features that allow you to select different levels of light. 

Sensory lighting systems make it convenient for you to remote control the light even in your bedroom without having to walk down to your balcony.

The challenge with sensor lights is battery, which easily runs down. It powers both lights and sensors that makes it easy to quickly run down.

Battery-power Outlet For Outdoor Lights

outdoor light

The battery-power serves as an energy power source to lights at the balcony. instead of connecting the balcony lights to an outlet, then the battery-power outlet is alternative.

Battery-powered outlets store electrical energy into its in-built battery directly from the wall AC outlet. 

When the battery is fully charged from the wall AC socket, the inbuilt Inverter converts the battery energy into AC power while a voltage regulator controls the in-built battery’s charging and discharging.

The voltage regulator helps to supply current to the bulb at the balcony. The inverter battery has the capacity to last for 5 to 10 days when fully charged.

It emits the same brightness from the very first day to the last when the battery runs down. the light will automatically go down when the battery is down. 

It is built with two lights that show when it is fully charged and when the battery is down for you to charge it.

The green light on the inverter shows when the battery is fully-charged, while the red color shows when the battery is down and requires charging.

The battery-power outlet is a portable light, which you can easily move. The light is a better alternative to generators because of the noiseless feature. it’s a highly energy cost-effective light you use to beautify your balcony. 

The light is customized to make the balcony and other parts of the backyard loom exceptionally and add value. It comes with different colors which you can use to modify your home and give it high taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bluetooth outdoor string lights expensive?

No, Bluetooth outdoor string lights are not expensive. The prices vary and usually depend on how many feet of string light you want to buy. So the longer the string light, the more expensive it is. Even with that, Bluetooth outdoor string lights are less costly than wiring outdoors and paying for light bills. 

Are solar outdoor chandeliers worth it?

Yes, solar outdoor chandeliers are worth the money. Regular chandeliers are quite expensive, and you also need to pay to have them installed. There’s also the electrical bill that comes from using the chandelier. It is for this reason many people avoid them even with the benefits they bring to their outdoors. 

But with solar outdoor chandeliers, you never have to worry about this, which makes them worth their value. You can also use them during any weather as long as they are rated outdoors. 

How long do Bluetooth outdoor string lights last per charge?

Bluetooth outdoor string lights can last about 10-12 hours per charge. The amount of time they run will depend on the type you buy, but the average runtime per charge is 10 hours. A trick that allows the light to run for longer is if you put it on the ‘dimmer’ setting. 

Are solar outdoor chandeliers as elegant as the electrical ones? 

Yes, solar outdoor chandeliers are as elegant as electrical ones. There’s little to no difference between them, and there are many styles and sizes to choose from. However, it would be best if you got a quality solar outdoor chandelier to have the same effect as regular ones. 

Solar or battery powered: which is better for outdoor lighting? 

Both of them are great for outdoor lighting. They each have their benefits. Solar power is great for outdoors because there’s no energy bill, easy installation, they require almost no maintenance, they’re a cheaper way to light up your home, they provide renewable energy, and increase your home value. The only downside is that they’re not as efficient on less sunny days.

Battery-powered outdoor lighting is easy to install, has no electrical bills, is affordable, and comes in different styles, sizes, and colors. Some have a remote control with extra features and are also durable. The downside of battery-powered outdoor lighting is that you must charge the light regularly. 

Are Bluetooth outdoor lights durable? 

Yes, Bluetooth outdoor lights are durable. It is important to note that you must maintain the light for it to last. Maintenance can come in the form of regular charging. Also, make sure the lamp you buy can withstand any weather.

How does the LED motion sensor light work? 

The LED light works via infrared sensors that detect movement through the radiation that living things give off. They rotate automatically when they detect movement. 


Here you have various ways you get your balcony light up without the use of a wire outlet.

These methods are cost effective and time saving. 

You don’t need to run wires at your balcony before the lights can work.

These simple methods will help you increase the value of your home and make it visible and appealing to the eyes.