10 Beautiful Lighting Ideas For Cafe (With Pictures)

The Cafés needs to be colorful and serene.

Why do people go to cafés? And how can you change your visiting customers to returning customers?

Although the food has its place in a café, it is not the most important factor. 

If clients just want good food, they can prepare their meals within the comfort of their homes.

People come to cafés for the whole experience.

They want to be treated like royalty, and dine within appealing environments. 

Today, the success of your café does not depend on the contents of your menu or the appealing taste of your food. The chair, lighting, location, and music are equally important factors. 

People are all searching for the million dollar experience. If you can give it to them, your café will experience exponential growth based on word of mouth advertising alone. This is regarded as the most effective form of advertising

The lighting of your cafe will either improve or drop its ambiance. Remember, people want the full experience. The perfect lighting is the game changer for any café. Light affects the mood, there are certain light combinations that will put a smile on the face of your customers each time they visit your café. 


The apotheosis of any design is the lighting. Lighting does not just make objects visible to customers, it also influences how people view the design. 

When it comes to cafés, the importance of lighting is doubled. In cafés, lights are meant to do two things rather than just one. First of all, it is meant to ease the mood of customers. Secondly, it has to stimulate the appetite of customers. 

In other words, good lights will help you achieve the primary goal of your café. Which is for people to come into your café and make orders. Bad lighting may alienate your current and potential customers. 

You want to create a friendly vibe within your café. Flickering lights, pulsing lights, repetitive patterns, and glare are some of the light-types you need to avoid within your café. You should focus on giving a bright and breezy touch through your lighting. 

How To Successfully Light Up A Cafe

A café refers to a small coffee shop that is uniquely designed to fit a more casual sort of dining place genre. Most café’s serve hot beverages with small accompanying food items. They are known for their relaxed atmosphere and cozy vibe, which café lighting is an important part of.

Lighting design can make or break any interior, but atmospheric café lighting is especially important because aesthetics are an integral part of the presentation front of the business. It will help attract the customers, stimulate the appetites of the guests and create the right mood. 

When lighting up a café, focus on balancing the ambient lights within your space. There are multiple ways with which you can effectively light up your space. We will discuss ten of the best lighting ideas for a café in the following sections of this article. 

Top 10 Lighting ideas for a café 

The design of your café affords you the opportunity to tell your customers what your brand is all about. A poor design says the café is not that important to you, and the service will be poor. And a good design creates the best first impression. 

It tells your customers that they are in good hands, and they should expect the best service. The cynosure of any design is the lighting. With clever lighting, you will attract even the lonely passer-by. 

Good lighting is the best, and cheapest way for you to make a statement. Your lights will tell your customers who you are and what you represent. The fact is your lights will not appeal to everyone, but all the clients that find your design appealing will most likely become returning customers. 

However, there are certain lighting ideas that have been proven to appeal to the majority. Those are the ideas that we will be sharing in this section. 

1. Pendant lighting

cafe light


Pendant light is also referred to as drop, or suspender. It can be described as a single light fixture which can be suspended from a higher surface.

Pendant lights can be suspended via cords, chains, or metal rods. For the lights to be effective, you want to hang them in bunches. They come in different sizes, and models. 

In a café, you can align pendant lights along the windows. 

You can also suspend them from the ceiling above the counter – arrange them in a straight line for maximum effect.

If you don’t fancy placing your pendants on a straight line, you can use any of the following patterns. 

  • Recycled cardboard pendants
  • Industrial style pendants

Wall lighting

These lights are perfect for seating sections. Your customers need lights with which they can easily read the menus, but won’t interfere with the ambiance of the café.

This is where wall lighting comes in, it is the perfect lighting for the seating section of your customers. 


3. Picture lighting

Remember, your customers want the full package. If your café has paintings, posters, or photos, you should highlight them with picture lights. If you have a general menu, picture lighting is the best way to highlight it. 

Picture lighting is not just meant to highlight photos. It can also be used to supply lights to close sections within your café.

This will present your photos, and posters, while maintaining a peaceful ambiance within your café 


4. Ambient Lighting

This is the most important form of lighting in any space. Ambient lights will make up the foundation of the lights within your space. Every light that will be added will be built around the ambient lighting. 

You have to give your choice of ambient lights a lot of thought. Ensure that your ambient light is spread evenly across the entire café. 

The conventional ambient light consists of a bunch of LEDs placed across a room. The LEDs are meant to be share equal spaces apart, this will give your space an even intensity of light. 

Ambient lights are meant to be friendly. Spreading them evenly across a room will create a natural atmosphere in your café.


5. Accent Lighting

Once you have properly placed your ambient lights, you can tweak the appearance of your space with accent lighting.

To do this, you can add small touches of either brighter or darker lights at specific sections of your café. 

For instance, you can use accent lights to highlight the seating sections, menus, counter etc. Accent lights are meant to draw the attention of your customers to key features of your café. 

For instance, if you just added a new meal to your menu, you can use accent lights to highlight the addition. With accent lights, the possibilities are endless. Remember that you can place these lights in multiple locations within your café. 

The key is balance, as long as you maintain the balance between each light, it should appeal to your customers. 


6. Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is the golden touch to your café. It is an important feature in the design of a café , because it fills the inside with shadows and shades, creating an atmosphere suitable for any environment and providing the customer with a visual, as well as tasty and satisfying experience. You use decorative lighting to add style to your café. 


7. Natural lighting

Navigating through an enclosure of chairs and tables can be a bit stressful for most people.

A touch of natural light in your café will create a breezy environment.

Natural light has been proven to reduce blood pressure, stress, and anxiety.

The inclusion of natural light to your café will make it more appealing to your customers. 


8. Fan lighting

This method of lighting is limited to LEDs alone. This is because LED bulbs give a friendly vibe to architectural constructs. LEDs enhance the features of modern architecture. 

Flickering lights can trigger migraine attacks. Ceiling fans are known to cause pulsing lights, but this can be easily remedied with LEDs. 


9. Illumination lighting

These lights are a clever combination of ambient and accent lighting. You can have fun with this lighting, let your inner designer guide you.

The lighting is meant to highlight interesting features within your café.

Features such as artworks, ornaments, and objects, can be illuminated with this type of lighting


10. Candle lighting

Couples love romantic settings. You can create a romantic ambiance during special events like valentine’s day. 

All you have to do is spread candles on the tables within the café. This will make the conversations of your customers longer, and the food more tasty. 



Lighting is an important part of the overall interior design of the café.

It includes thinking about many layers of several lighting interventions to create the best mood.

A combination of the lighting ideas outlined above will give your café the touch it needs to stand out.