How to Read Lamp Shade Dimensions

In this article, I’ll walk you through the process on how to read lamp shade dimensions.

When you have decided to buy a new lamp shade, one of the important steps you must take is to know the size of your current lamp shade so that when selecting a new one, it fits just right.

This is an essential aspect of lighting since lamp shades have their own measurements for top width, bottom width, height, and slope. These are the exact measurements you need to note down before stepping out to a nearby lighting shop or ordering online.

To read your lampshade dimension, get a measuring tape and a notebook or piece of paper to write down your measurements so you don’t forget them. Once you have done that, follow these 4 simple steps:

i). Detach the lamp shade: Before you begin measuring, remove the lampshade from the lamp so it doesn’t obstruct your measurement or give you a wrong dimension.

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ii). Measure the top diameter: Make sure you firmly grip the measuring tape at one edge of the top of the lampshade and then pull it across so it reaches the opposite edge.

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At this point, you need to note the shape of your shade, is it square shape or triangular shape? Don’t forget to measure one edge of the square to get the accurate diameter and note down the dimension.  

iii). Measure the bottom dimension: In the same way you have measured the top diameter, do the same for the bottom diameter and write down your measurement. The largest part of your lamp bottom should be at least an inch or two smaller than the lampshade.  

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iv). Measure the height: To be certain that you’re on the right path, you’ve got to understand that the height or length of the lampshade should be approximately two-thirds the base.

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You can place the shade on a flat table. Then use your measuring tape; place it and measure in a straight line all the way to the top to get your dimensions.

How to choose the right Lampshade

In the end, it all depends on your preference. A slightly dark shade might seem nice in case you have good all-natural lighting in your house. Although it’s a drum shade, there may be a minor variance.

To help you find the most suitable shade for your awesome lamp, we’ve created a lampshade buying guide that will help you find the appropriate shade for your requirements.

Consider the purpose of your lamp

If you’re going to use the lamp for reading, you may want to choose something which offers good light like a modern style lamp. If you discover that the lamp should be in use at distinct times in the day, you might be interested in a 3-way bulb lamp that will enable you to change the illumination level.

Even though a table lamp might be more attractive, it has the disadvantages of not being in a position to direct the light to where it’s needed and in general isn’t adjustable.

When you’ve seen the right lamp, don’t just order it instantly, make sure the shade is exactly in the right order.

If it appears nicely balanced; if the shade is slightly wider than the lamp base and if it makes up approximately the top one-third of the total lamp height, then you’re making a great choice. Otherwise, you need a helping hand!

Should you go for a table lamp instead?

The very first thing you ought to consider when you’re looking to buy a table lamp is the style you’re looking to attain.

There’s more to purchasing a table lamp than grabbing the initial one that you think looks pretty. Decorative table lamps can be elaborate and thoroughly decorative or fairly easy and functional.

The table lamp needs to be tall enough for the base of the lampshade to arrive at the eye level of the individual seated beside it. Table lamps are the most usual kind of lamps and since there are many possibilities, you should easily be able to locate the ideal ones for you and your house – whether it’s for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, balcony.  

Moreover, since the majority of the lamps sold today aren’t hard to assemble or carry, they’re an ideal way to bring personal tastes and enhance your lifestyles no matter the type of house you live. More importantly, make sure that it comes with a good quality socket.

Tripod lamp, metal or marble base lamp, lamps made from wood and bamboo lamps are a few of the designs that are fit for modern living along with country homes.

Bedside lamps also are available in many distinct designs and can supply a far better ambiance. A good lamp will last longer and often provides the user several choices in regards to just the most suitable light fixture to use.

Just take a little time and really make sure you understand what you want when moving forward and getting the lamp that you would like. A piano lamp may also function as a reading lamp that could be placed either on a table directly near your favorite chair or placed on the ground directly beside the chair.

More importantly, don’t forget that your table lamp ought to be an expression of your taste. A massive lamp on a small table looks out of place and raises the dangers of the lamp tipping.

Choose a lampshade that suits your style

Much like any lampshade, ensure you choose one which is sized proportionally to your lamp. Whether you are searching for a crystal lamp, a bedside table lamp, a floor lamp or a reading lamp, odds are that you’ll be able to discover precisely what you need when you consider the proper places to place them. Overall, don’t place too many lamps in the bedroom.

An ideal lamp for your room is expected to fulfill its purpose in addition to being affordable, but they should also add extra ambiance to the design.

An overview of the Gooseneck lamp

The gooseneck lamp makes it simple to correct the height of the light source based on the size of the individual using it. In terms of reading its dimensions, if your lamp has one bulb and doesn’t have a harp, measure from the base of the socket to the peak of the bulb and add three inches.

Table lamps are available in all sizes. A small lamp on a sizable table may get lost visually. Small table lamps are quite helpful for lighting small places.

A quick recap

Aside from reading the dimensions of your shade, you ought to know what specific purposes the lamp performs in your room. Essentially, the lamp may be used as background lighting or task lighting.

Floor lamps serve a similar purpose as table lamps, except they can make strong impressions due to their height and the exact interesting shapes they’re offered in.

Some of the best lamp shade designs are created by Checkolite, a reputable company that takes pride in making quality lighting solutions.