Do Smart Bulbs Work With Lamps? (Read This First)

Smart bulbs can last for more than 25,000 hours or for many years, which means they will save you lots of money.

They require a simple install. Just like traditional incandescent light bulbs, smart bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

They offer different lumens or brightness, and temperatures. These next-level LED bulbs provide more efficient energy than a standard incandescent light bulb.

To put it simply, smart bulb technology is about being wireless.

With smart bulbs, you control their off and on features by using a remote-control device or through your mobile phone.

No, you don’t need to be a computer expert, nor do you need a lot of money to bring smart bulbs into your home.

By using your smartphone and an outlet, you can use a smart plug to automate all your electrical devices.

Do Smart Light Bulbs Work in a Lamp?

Yes, smart light bulbs are designed to work within any traditional lamp fixture.

However, please take note that using smart bulbs along with incandescent bulbs in the same socket fixture is not good. Smart bulbs are an advanced bulb of sensitivity.

If you place incandescent bulbs along with smart light bulbs, this LED bulb will not function well because the other traditional bulb raises the temperature inside the fixture.

Also, your table lamp or corner lamp stand must be compatible with the outlet socket.

If the socket isn’t compatible, simply use a smart plug.

Using a smart plug to insert a smart bulb into a standard lamp that once worked with any type of incandescent bulb is a great feature.

Your new smart bulb will give you more flexibility, control, and wireless connectivity that saves you time and money.

Using smart plugs helps you to wirelessly automatic the electrical outlets in your home. Modern smart plugs are available with features that include a dimming control.

When using smart bulbs in your lamps is a smartphone click away to better lighting features at a remote distance.

It’s much easier to tap your smartphone to turn a lamp on rather than getting up from your comfy seat to walk over and turn on a lamp.

Smart Bulb Features

Installation of a smart light bulb is an easy process. Simply remove your standard light bulb and screw in your new smart bulb.

With a smart plug, your smart bulb will work just like your traditional incandescent light bulb.

If you have downloaded a smartphone or tablet app, the app will easily walk you through to the completion.

Smart bulbs can work in stand-alone lamps, table lamps, or in-wall lamp fixtures.

Adding to their appeal is the fact that you can use smart bulbs indoors and outdoors.

For example, if you want to enter a dark kitchen from your well-lit living room, simply use the smartphone app that you downloaded and click.

Do Smart Bulbs Use Electricity When Off?

Why do Smart Bulbs use electricity when off? Well the answer is pretty simple.

As mentioned earlier, the light in a bulb does not actually come from the bulb itself; it’s rather generated by electronics in your house.

The electricity used to power the LEDs is then passed on to the bulbs via the circuit board that contains the semiconductor or crystal which are responsible for creating the light.

Now the question that might arise is how much electricity does this electrical power have to consume?

Well, the electricity used in most of these bulbs can be as low as 100 watts.

Now when you add in all the other components such as the bulb itself and also the circuit board, it will obviously be necessary to add a bit more electricity to get them to work properly.

It’s then obvious that you would need to have some form of battery in place to store the extra electricity.

There are many different batteries available in the market, but one of the most important aspects is that they should be capable of providing power for your lights for an extended period of time.

So if you want to make sure that you will always have power, make sure that the batteries in question can hold out for that long before requiring replacement.

In addition, Smart Bulbs usually come with a light sensor built in. The light sensor will detect when there is no power to the bulb and turn it off automatically.

This way, you will never be bothered by having to constantly switch on and off the lights in order to make sure they don’t go out.

It’s much more convenient than having to run an extension cord every single time.

There are many people who are interested in finding out more about Smart Bulbs.

However, many of them may find it a little difficult to know where to get one so that they can use it.

Fortunately, they should be able to find just about any information about these products easily online.

One of the best places to look is online since there are certain manufacturers that sell them exclusively online.

So, if you want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment, make sure you shop online for these bulbs. You will find that the prices are considerably lower.

This is one of the reasons why these bulbs are more expensive than their counterparts because they are still using new technology.

Therefore, they are still being developed by many companies who are still looking for new ways to improve the brightness of these bulbs.

They should also be noted for their energy efficiency too, since they are among the most energy efficient bulbs available today. That means they will save you money over time.


In addition to dimming and working with a wireless mechanism, smart bulbs are available with other features.

These include being able to change colors. To simply change a room’s ambiance, use a smart bulb that comes equipped with a vast range of color schemes.

Also, smart light bulb technology can be controlled with a voice system, Bluetooth apps, Smartwatches, and fitness trackers.