10 Study Room Lighting Ideas for Effective Reading

For you to enjoy your study room effectively both at night or during the day, it is nice to have a good lighting plan. Having lights in your study room is one of the best ways to improve your living environment.

Apart from the comfort it gives, you will also be happy with the entire study room. In this article, you will find 10 study room lighting ideas that will make your reading times fun and memorable.

Contemporary And Clean Lighting

This is one of the most reliable study room lightings that you can find in the marketplace. It can be achieved by using a halogen track lighting on led emitting diode cove and dimmers.

The lighting is in blue color to give the room a nice fit. This lighting idea will always help to improve the study environment’s contemporary design. For reading, a stylish and unique arc floor lamp helps to provide task lighting.

Cove Lighting

Cove lighting is another great idea that will make your attractive and easy to read. It can be positioned in a ledge height of your walls. Cove lighting can help to provide the ambient and soft feel that flashes back from your ceiling.

The cove lighting has the capability to improve your living room by adding a touch of glitz. It helps you create a mood when installing on a dimmer during entertainment.

Warm Lighting Design

This room’s natural appearance is improved with the help of two hanging pendants that flash soft light to the entire environment.

The walls are washed with light by using recessed fixtures. A fireplace and candles also help to offer a warm feel.

Modern Floor Lamps

These modern floor lamps will blow your mind and help to improve your study room for the best. With simple track lights, this approach will help to illuminate an artwork displaying right on your wall.

Floor lamps carrying square-shaped modern design offer small lighting, which remains directly contrary to the wall of floor-to-ceiling outlets. One amazing thing about this idea is that it will help you enjoy every bit of your reading and even the study room.

Soft Accent Lighting

The beautiful and amazing wood ceiling in this attractive living room is being illuminated by a cleaver up-lighting. With the help of recessed light fixtures, the personalized media cabinet is gently illuminated.

Soft accent lighting can speak volumes for any space when properly installed. It can help you get a better view of items in your living room. Its dazzling beautiful style will not only bring you comfort but total happiness.

Track Lighting

This low-voltage and sleek track lighting are magnificent. It helps to display the beauty in an artwork located in the living space. The overall effect of this lighting idea helps to offer an ambient and soft glow to the room.

For the seating area, a table lamp is used to unleash task lighting to make the entire environment clear and bright.

The wall of the living space is washed with the help of a floor lamp. If there is anything called beauty, then check out this amazing track lighting idea that glows for a long time.

Layers Of Light

The combination of task, accent and ambient lighting helps to create a well-lit space. The general light of this living room is provided by recessed fixtures. The artwork is being displayed with the help of wall-mounted lights.

For reading, you can enjoy the advantage of the adjustable floor lamp. With this lighting approach, you can always have the best feeling for reading both at night and during the day.

Pendant Fixtures Lighting

Many people are now embracing pendant lighting for several reasons. Pendant lighting comes with modern aesthetic beauty and versatility. These features have helped in the campaign of using this lighting approach popularly.

For worktop, this lighting approach will always offer direct illumination. The fixtures can be used either as tasking or general lighting. One amazing thing about this idea is that the fixtures remain durable and powerful.

People can make use of this application for workplaces, homes, showrooms, and restaurants. The perfect quality and creative design of pendant fixtures lighting are beyond anticipation.

This means that you will always get the best result when using the pendant fixtures lighting idea. It is simple and easy to use without causing any problem.

Task Lighting

If you want to get rid of shadow and glare, the task lighting setting will help greatly. When using PCs at home in a study environment, this lighting set will help effectively. Users can easily adjust the desk lamp due to its flexibility.

Adjustment of the desk lamp can be done to any directions or angles to unleash the most usable lighting for the project. There will be a natural light of full spectrum coming from the lamp.

The living room can be illuminated with up lighters, general lighting and down lighters. This will help to provide you with proper lighting for a long time.

Dining Room Lights

Like many lighting ideas, the dining room lights can provide you with joy, comfort and peace of mind. It helps to illuminate your dining room with pleasant and calm lighting that last for a long time.

If you want to make use of your dinning as a study room, then give this idea a try, time and again.

General Study Room Lighting Tips:

  1. Ensure that glare is removed from your study room. It can affect your study and create discomfort
  2. Dimmability should not be ignored when considering to read in your study room
  3. Flexibility is one of the biggest factors to consider when planning to create a study room lighting environment


The ideas in this article are designed to help you have the best study room environment that makes reading and meditating blissful. Using the tips in this article will always help you enjoy comfort when reading or studying.

Apart from the comfort you get, these lighting ideas will also help to boost the look of your home.

Lighting will play a huge role in your room when you’re studying at night or during the day. For this reason, it is important to use the best lighting idea that suits your comfort.